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Ford Mondeo review 2011

Ford Mondeo review

More Standard Features, Sharpened Looks Updated Middle Of The Road Family Car Impressively Competent rating **** out of 5 You would be hard pressed to improve on this experience if you were driving an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes For – top quality motor, premium in all but name Against – pricey, but surely that’s negotiable  It takes time […]

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Ford Focus review 2011

Ford Focus review

Will Dethrone VW Golf, For A While The Ford Which Thinks It’s A BMW, Or Maybe a Merc Prices Look Competitive, At First Glance rating ***** out of 5 For – handsome, high quality, drives well Against – prices dangerously close to premium competition quiet and fast highway cruiser, nimble and competent on back-roads JEREZ, Spain There must have […]

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Ford Grand C-Max review 2010

Ford Grand C-Max review

First Ford Focus-Based MPV Will Be A Hit It’s A Typical New Ford – High-Quality, Drives Well, Utilitarian rating **** out of 5 For – handsome, practical, terrific interior, well priced Against – rear end styling failure “Ford has done an amazing job turning itself from a maker of Dagenham Dustbins dictated by accountants, to a company which […]

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Ford S-Max review 2010

Ford S-Max review

Has EcoBoost Engines, Double-Clutch Auto MPV Drives Well, Beautiful Interiors, Practical Packages Much Talk Of “Premium” Pretensions, But Price Silence rating **** out of 5 Ford Makes Huge Strides, But It Ain’t BMW, Audi; Price Still Crucial JEREZ, Spain – Looking at the pictures I know it’s hard to believe but Ford’s updated S-MAX is almost an […]

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Ford Fiesta ECOnetic review 2009

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic review

Ford Claims 76.3 Mpg For Fiesta ECOnetic Will This Claim Stand Up To Real-World Test? Ford Claims “Independent” Analysis Backs Up Numbers But Read “CleanGreenCars” Quote And Make Your Mind Up Ford’s greenest car, the Fiesta ECOnetic, is now on sale, but a combination of factors raise doubts about its usefulness. Can it really achieve […]

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Ford Ka Review

Pretty, Practical, Well Made. New Body Hugely Better Than Original Bland, Cheap Looking Design. Stylish Options Make Personalisation Easy. I Still Think The Name Is Dopey Though. **** out of 5 IBIZA, Spain It is Ka as in shah, but not to be confused with car. The name of Ford’s smallest car has always been […]

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Ford Model T Review

At 100, Shows Modern Car’s Quality, Safety. PARIS Some economic Cassandras predict the Western world is about to revert to the living standards of a century ago, so it’s a good time to find out what it would be like living with the first production motor car, the Ford Model T, which first clanked out […]

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Ford Fiesta Review

Practical And Pretty, A Fantastic Little Car. High Quality, Drives Well; But About 15 Competitors Do Too. As Buyers Downsize, Small Cars Now Loaded With Kit. Will New Honda Jazz Stay At The Top Of The Small Car Pile? **** out of 5 SIENNA, Italy – Ford’s new little Fiesta looks terrific, is beautifully put […]

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Ford Kuga Review

Is A “Crossover”, Not An SUV. Ford Late To Party With Compact SUV, But It’s Worth Waiting For. Handsome Looks, Tremendous Interior, Fine Ride/Handling. **** out of 5 Ford has come up with a neat way to deflect criticism from mad environmentalists who say Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are killing the climate and must be […]

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