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Volt Versus Leaf; No-Contest, But Time Will Tell

Volt Versus Leaf; No-Contest, But Time Will Tell “Wouldn’t it make more sense for battery-only vehicles to be much less ambitious – cheap and cheerful little golf-cart like vehicles used for a quick jaunt down to the shops?” “surprising thing is that battery-only projects survived after the Volt, and improved plug-in hybrids appeared I wonder […]

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China Luxury Car Growth Looks Set To Continue, Speedup Even

Short-Term Tax Worries Frighten Investors, Momentarily Rich Chinese More Likely Than Westerners To Splurge On Cars Darker Scenarios Include Runaway Inflation, Political Unrest  China has provided a massive boost in profits for the German luxury car manufacturers, with most forecasts firmly predicting that the good times will continue to roll and maybe even accelerate far […]

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Citroen C-Zero

Of course battery cars work; the Citroen C-Zero rode the Eurotunnel!

The public relations departments of car manufacturers pour out a huge amount of boring, self-serving and normally inoffensive garbage every day. Morris Canardly wins North West Scotland caravan tow car of the year, and variations on that theme, is the standard fare. But sometimes they produce publicity so nonsensical, so superficial, I feel moved to […]

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Successful GM Share Sale Boosts Image, But Work Remains

GM’s Biggest Problem Is In Europe As Opel/Vauxhall Struggle China, Brazil Volatile But Promising Markets “Next year’s contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers union will indicate how much Detroit has, or hasn’t changed.” General Motors, the world’s biggest car manufacturer until it plunged into bankruptcy, can wallow for a while in the feel-good factor […]

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Nissan Leaf – European Car Of The Year 2011

First Winner To Be Unreliable, Probably Dangerous, Unaffordable Hybrids, Plug-Ins The Way Forward Not Batteries “only exists to please politicians who see advantages to their careers from appearing to be green without bothering to check out the facts” The Nissan Leaf, the battery-powered vehicle named European Car of the Year for 2011, is the first […]

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