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Jeep Wrangler Flops European Safety Tests

Jeep Wrangler Flops European Safety Tests. Sales Unlikely To Be Affected. “I wouldn’t say the new Wrangler is inherently unsafe, but consumers should know and understand what the vehicle’s inherent mission is” You would think that Jeep’s ambitious plans to sell up to 12,000 high profit margin new Wranglers in Europe a year would be […]

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Carmakers Attack EU Fuel Economy Targets

Carmakers Attack EU Fuel Economy Targets. Environmentalists Say New Rules Aren’t Tough Enough. “Delivering a 37.5% CO2 reduction might sound plausible, but is totally unrealistic based on where we stand today” The European Union agreed tough automobile fuel economy targets for 2030 and was quickly attacked by vehicle makers for being unrealistic, while environmentalists said […]

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Will Ford Europe Quit Like GM?

Will Ford Europe Quit Like GM? “Slash and burn in Europe? That would be a huge mistake. There is a profitable long-term future for Ford in Europe” Ford Europe was slow to realise consumers’ infatuation with SUVs and losses mounted, but experts are divided about whether the company should follow General Motors and pull out […]

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ChargePoint Raises More Than $500 Million

ChargePoint Raises More Than $500 Million. Investors Will Soon Start Asking “Where’s The Beef” ChargePoint of Campbell, California, which says it is the world’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network, announced Wednesday its latest round of funding raised more than $200 million, bringing the total to over $500 million. Investors ranged from power generators to […]

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