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About Neil Winton and Wintonsworld

All About Neil Winton and Wintonsworld

WintonsWorld is dedicated to the truth about cars in particular and the global automotive industry in general.

My contacts in the investment banking, academic and consultancy world are second to none. These experts will tell you about the health and direction of the biggest automotive manufacturers, free of the self-serving blather provided by corporate sycophants.

Cars are judged on their honesty, practicality, quality and value for money, not on their nought to sixty times, or whether they induce over-steer at the limit, whatever that is. Wintonsworld doesn’t rely on advertising so I can say what I think without the taint of commercial pressure.

I worked for Reuters, the international news agency, for 33 years, where my last job was European Auto Correspondent. I was also Reuters’ Science and Technology Correspondent, and worked as an editor and reporter in Brussels, New York, London and Toronto.

Neil Winton

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One Response to Neil Winton and Wintonsworld

  1. Per Norinder February 3, 2017 at 8:41 pm #

    Dear All, with Neil we will see an objective set-back series of reviews on car industry.
    I, as a car industry senior, can see that this site will add to a global understanding, especially of European car industries’ place in the world. Thanks, Neil.

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