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Ford Focus Review 2014

Ford Focus Review 2014 – Mid-Life Facelift. Huge Engine Choices, Wide Price Range, Technology Germans Will Envy. For – looks good, quality high, technology impressive, drives well. Against – so do lots of others. Rating – **** out of 5 MARGATE, Kent – Ford has face-lifted its big selling Focus, adding a bold new face, […]

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Audi A3 E-Tron Review 2014

Audi A3 E-Tron Review 2014 – Plug-In Hybrid. E-Tron Combines Great Performance, Unbelievable Economy. For – terrific economy sometimes, quality, impressive performance. Against – too expensive. **** out of 5, £34,950 Audi has joined the plug-in hybrid crowd with its A3 e-tron. It is almost a couple of thousand pounds more expensive than its VW Golf GTE […]

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Fiat 500X

Fiat 500X Review 2014

Fiat 500X Fiat 500X Review 2014 – Another Small SUV. Looks Good, Drives Well, Does All You Need, Off-road Too. Prepare For The Feminazi Storm When/If The Viagra TV Ad Runs. For – cute, practical, much choice. Against – Jeep Renegade for me. **** out of 5, £25,845 TURIN, Italy – The 500X compact SUV […]

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Audi TT

Audi TT Review 2014

Audi TT Review 2014 – Renewed For Third Time. Technology, Connectivity In Abundance; Usual High Quality. “Perhaps the four-wheel drive option would be the main differentiator”. For – convincing, top class sports car, with added 4×4 appeal. Against – is it macho enough to compete? **** out of 5, £45,335 GLASGOW, Scotland – Audi’s new TT sports […]

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Vauxhall Cascada Review 2014

Vauxhall Cascada Review 2014 – Nifty Convertible. Quality Interior Will Impress You; Drives Well; Pricey. Lucky Americans Will Be Able To Afford One Though. For – beautiful, classy interior. Against – competition too strong. *** out of 5.  £32,520 The Vauxhall Cascada is a lovely looking convertible which is equally impressive on the inside. The 1.6 […]

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Vauxhall Corsa Review 2014

Vauxhall Corsa Review 2014 – Nice Small Car. Over-Complicated List Of Choices, Options Will Confuse. For – good all-rounder, well equipped. Against – needs to be cheap to attract attention. *** out of 5 from £8,995 Vauxhall’s new little Corsa isn’t really all that new, inheriting much from the previous model which dated back more than 10 […]

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Tesla Model S Review 2014

Tesla Model S Review 2014 – Electric Super-Car. Fabulous Performance, High Quality. Range Claims Sound Adequate, But Time Will Tell. Residual Value Guarantee Will Turn A Few Heads. For – the shape of things to come. Against – maybe a shade ahead of its time. ***** out of 5  £68,700 After what feels like years of […]

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Volkswagen Passat Review 2014

Volkswagen Passat Review 2014 – New Saloons, Estate Cars. High Quality Build, Interior; Excellent Performance, Blinged-Up Styling. Must Impinge On Hallowed Audi Ground. The More VW Praises Passat, The More You Think Audi. For – all a family car could be. Against – unbelievable competition from same sector, and SUVs. **** out of 5 £23,340 […]

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Renault Captur Review 2014

Renault Captur Review 2014 – Attractive Small SUV. Tremendous Fuel Economy, Cute Package. Ominous Orange Warning Light Reveals Worrying Scenario. For – cute, useful, fuel-efficient. Against – pricey, instruments might induce nervous breakdown. **** out of 5 – £18,335 The Captur is doing the business for Renault because it provides exactly what the modern motorist wants; […]

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Lexus NX300h Review 2014

Lexus NX300h Review 2014 – Smart Looking Compact SUV. High Quality, Comfortable, Luxury Cruiser. Looks Standout Against Bland Audi, BMW Opposition. For – high quality build, terrific interior, notable looks. Against – performance, unsophisticated engine/transmission noises. **** out of 5 from £29,495 VIENNA, Austria – The new Lexus NX range is the lead dog in […]

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