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Nissan European Loses Mount.

Nissan European Loses Mount. “the Qashqai is now facing more rivals, which are more modern” Nissan of Japan’s credit rating was downgraded this week by Standard & Poors because of its creaking performance in the U.S. and China, but Europe is now becoming a cause for concern as sales dive and losses deepen. Nissan Europe […]

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Nissan Claims VC-T Technology Will Boost Power, Frugally

Nissan Claims VC-T Technology Will Boost Power, Frugally. Will Introduce Engine With Infiniti Next Year. As diesel power starts to wane, under pressure from Volkswagen’s dieselgate scandal, Nissan announced its Infiniti premium subsidiary will be the first user of its VC-T technology which it says will provide the performance of turbo-charged gasoline engine and improved […]

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Renault Expected To Make Money In 2013

Nissan Alliance Has Plenty Of Profit Leverage Left Renault Makes Big Progress In Cutting Labour Costs “provided European and French markets are not significantly worse than expected” Renault, alone amongst the non-German car manufacturers, still gets a warm reception from investment bankers who expect profits this year, unless Europe goes from bad to worse. As […]

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Prius Plug-In Promises Great Economy, No Range Anxiety

Leaf’s Battery-Only Case So Weak, It Threatens Edsel-Like Debacle Derision From Top Gear, Sunday Times Story Will Make Buyers Wary “The Prius and the Volt don’t promise a perfect solution to the problems of emissions, but they provide a sensible, practical compromise”. I’ve been driving the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, a new high-technology fuel-efficient car […]

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Volt Versus Leaf; No-Contest, But Time Will Tell

Volt Versus Leaf; No-Contest, But Time Will Tell “Wouldn’t it make more sense for battery-only vehicles to be much less ambitious – cheap and cheerful little golf-cart like vehicles used for a quick jaunt down to the shops?” “surprising thing is that battery-only projects survived after the Volt, and improved plug-in hybrids appeared I wonder […]

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Nissan Leaf – European Car Of The Year 2011

First Winner To Be Unreliable, Probably Dangerous, Unaffordable Hybrids, Plug-Ins The Way Forward Not Batteries “only exists to please politicians who see advantages to their careers from appearing to be green without bothering to check out the facts” The Nissan Leaf, the battery-powered vehicle named European Car of the Year for 2011, is the first […]

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