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VW ID.3 1st Edition Pro Power 58kWh review

VW ID.3 1st Edition Pro Power 58kWh review. For – understated elegance, great driving experience, excellent design. Against – expensive for a town car. **** £39,500 before government grant Competition – Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe, Mini E, Honda E, BMW i3, Kia-eNiro, Hyundai Kona, Mini e, Fiat 500e, Vauxhall Corsa E, Peugeot e208, Hyundai Ioniq, […]

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Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf  review

Volkswagen e-Golf  review. For – terrific performance, high quality, drive smug. Against – too expensive, inadequate range, no signs of virtue. Rating – not given (unfair on VW as soon to be replaced) Price £33,840 Competition – Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Renault Zoe, Kia Soul, Kia e-Nero, Hyundai Kona electric, Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-Tron, Tesla […]

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Volkswagen T-Cross

Volkswagen T-Cross SE 1.0 TSI 7-speed DSG review

Volkswagen T-Cross SE 1.0 TSI 7-speed DSG review. For – cute, well equipped, well priced. Against – “Take over steering” **** Competition – Suzuki Vitara, Citroen C-3 Aircross, Skoda Karoq, BMW X1, Audi Q2, Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008, Vauxhall-Opel Mokka, Ford EcoSport, Nissan Juke, Mitsubishi ASX, Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade, Dacia Duster, Mazda CX-3, Honda […]

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VW Touareg

Volkswagen Touareg R-Line Tech review

Volkswagen Touareg R-Line Tech review. For – handsome, beautiful interior, high tech too. Against – can it live with the competition? No 7-seat option. **** £62,755.00 Competition – Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Discovery, Audi Q7, Volvo XC-90, Mercedes GLE, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Jaguar F-Pace The new Touareg is so impressive, you wonder how […]

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VW T-ROC-Review Video

Volkswagen T-Roc Design Video Review

Volkswagen T-Roc Design Video Review.  When I first saw the specification of the T-Roc I was going to drive – 1 litre, 3-cylinder, 113 hp, 6-speed manual gearbox, front-wheel drive – I thought this was going to be a tedious week. But the little direct injection petrol turbocharged motor with electric boost was amazing. […]

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VW T-Roc

Volkswagen T-Roc Design 1.0 TSI Review

Volkswagen T-Roc Design 1.0 TSI Review. For – so handsome it’s almost cool, high quality, drives well. Against – expensive, unlikely mpg claim. **** £25,580 (from £18,950) Don’t you hate it when adverts on TV suck you in and force an emotional reaction? The Lloyds advert, with all those magnificent black horses running along the […]

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Volkswagen Golf GTE Advance 1.4 TSI review – plug-in hybrid

Volkswagen Golf GTE Advance 1.4 TSI review – plug-in hybrid. For – terrific performance, unbelievable economy, great quality. Against – too expensive. ***** £38,175 (before grant of £2,500) If you want CO2 emissions-free motoring you can buy an all-electric car with free range-anxiety added, or you might consider the less purist route and buy a […]

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VW Passat

Volkswagen Passat SE Business 150 DSG

Volkswagen Passat SE Business 150 DSG Review 2015 For – high-quality all-rounder. Against – when prices creep into premium territory, bets are off. **** £31,610 The new Volkswagen Passat is a terrific car with great qualities. It has masses of space, drives well, has a high quality feel, and this version’s six-speed automatic gear box […]

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