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Renault Koleos

Renault Koleos dCi175 Auto X-Tronic review

Renault Koleos dCi175 Auto X-Tronic review. For – you can’t fault this impressive all-rounder. Against – maybe not enough with all these charismatic choices. **** £31,900 Competition – Land Rover Discovery, Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC, BMW X3, Jaguar E-Pace, Kia Sorrento, Hyundai Santa Fe, Skoda Kodiaq, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Lexus NX, Volvo XC60, Honda CR-V, […]

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Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe Dynamique Nav R90 ZE 40 review

Renault Zoe Dynamique Nav R90 ZE 40 review. Price £23, 770 For – cute, well equipped, beautiful finish, ideal for city driving. Against – range inadequate for distance driving, not helped by unreliable recharging network. Rating: all-round family car * – city car **** Competition – Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Ioniq Electric, BMW i3, Kia Soul EV, VW […]

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Renault Kadjar

Renault Kadjar Review 2015

Renault Kadjar Review 2015. For – eye-catching, well-proven mechanicals, drives well. Against – expensive. **** £27,470 DONCASTER, England – Renault’s new compact SUV is called the Kadjar. There is a reason for that name, but I’m afraid my brain glazed over while it was being explained to me. If it sells well, and it is […]

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Renault Captur Review 2014

Renault Captur Review 2014 – Attractive Small SUV. Tremendous Fuel Economy, Cute Package. Ominous Orange Warning Light Reveals Worrying Scenario. For – cute, useful, fuel-efficient. Against – pricey, instruments might induce nervous breakdown. **** out of 5 – £18,335 The Captur is doing the business for Renault because it provides exactly what the modern motorist wants; […]

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Renault Twingo Review 2014

Renault Twingo Review 2014 – A City Car With A Difference. Engineered with Mercedes, Rear-Wheel Drive, Rear Engine. For – cute, practical. Against – not cheap, but haggling might make it so. **** out of 5. £12,935 The new Renault Twingo is a cute and practical little car. That’s standard in this segment which includes the Fiat […]

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Renault Twizy review 2012

Renault Twizy review

Practical Electric Commuter Vehicle Brave Attempt To Enter Practical, Low-End Electric Market Glorified Golf Cart Makes More Sense Than Pricey Car With Range Angst rating: *** out of 5 “it feels like a prototype, rather than a ready-for-prime-time vehicle” For: sprightly, head-turning, commuter vehicle Against: poor interior, noisy, no weather protection, too expensive It has a silly name (apparently […]

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