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Quentin Willson’s 250-Mile Electric Car Range Claim Looks A Stretch

Quentin Willson’s 250-Mile Electric Car Range Claim Looks A Stretch. Former motoring journalist and electric car campaigner Quentin Willson was interviewed by Nigel Farage on GBNews and claimed that a 250-mile round trip in an electric car nowadays would be no problem. In my experience that isn’t very likely, especially if high-speed motorway driving accounted […]

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Electric

Has Looks, Power; But Range Claims Questioned Low Centre Of Gravity Gives Go-Cart Handling Fuel Economy Data Assumes A Speed Of Only 55 Mph New-generation electric cars have so far failed to capture the public’s imagination, but the new Tesla 415 hp super-car may change all that. The Tesla Model S has been winning awards […]

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Vauxhall Ampera review 2012

Vauxhall Ampera review

Petrol Motor Eliminates Range Anxiety“Green” Brighton Council’s Counter-Productive Electric Car “Incentives” “Maybe we should revert to the traditional meaning of “green” as immature, lacking experience, stupid” ***** out of 5 Blows Away Battery-Only Pretenders Hugely Expensive, Even After Official Handouts For – impressive high-tech green formula which works Against – pricey I was tempted to use the phrase “I’ve […]

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Renault Twizy

Conventional Engines Will Shrug Off Electric Challenge

Battery Car Sales Barely Register, Hammered By Price, Range Anxiety Hybrids Will Be Most Important High Tech Sector Could Weird Little Renault Twizy Be Most Popular Electric Vehicle? “Why don’t manufacturers produce a cheap and cheerful improved golf-cart with no pretensions about being a car, with limited shopping or school-run capability?” “A gasoline hybrid would […]

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Toyota Prius review 2011

Toyota Prius review

Plug-In Hybrid Promises Economy, No Range Anxiety I’ve been driving the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid here in Britain, a new high-technology car which will keep the number crunchers at the Nissan Renault alliance awake at night. Toyota hasn’t yet published the full specification of the car. That will happen when it is launched in the […]

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Battery Car Hype About To Stumble Over Reality

Unreliable Range, No Environmental, Cost Or Efficiency Advantage Battery-Only Is Being Driven By Politics, Not Economics Expect increase in road side assistance calls, scary rise in accidents, more pedestrian deaths and squashed pets  It’s nearly time to put up or shut up.  At the end of September, battery-powered electric vehicles will the toast of the […]

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Electric Mini review 2010

Electric Mini review

No Range Anxiety, Just Pure Panic Terrific, Quiet Performance, But Don’t Stray On To The Motorway If Battery Cars Catch On, Beware Creeping Examples In Slow Lane rating * out of 5 Don’t Worry They Won’t, Until Range Doubled, Price Slashed. This week at the Geneva Car Show you will hear plenty of odes to the […]

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