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VW Unveils Phidion At Geneva Show

VW Phidion

VW Phidion

VW Unveils Phidion At Geneva Show.

Is This The New Phaeton?

Volkswagen unveiled its new Phideon limousine at the Geneva Car Show.

The Phideon will be launched in China this year.

“The Volkswagen Phideon is an all-new high-end saloon in the premium segment in China, positioned above the Passat and the Magotan, which is available in China,” Volkswagen said in a statement.

VW said the Phideon will pave the way for the future design of Volkswagen’s top-of-the-range sedans.

“The new Phideon was developed in Germany with the assistance of VW’s Chinese partner SAIC Volkswagen. It will be launched in China in the third quarter of 2016,” VW said.

The Phideon will be offered with turbocharged gasoline engines. A plug-in hybrid is also planned.

In Geneva, Volkswagen said it showed the flagship model in the series: the four-wheel drive Phideon 3.0 liter with 297 hp.

Amongst the high-tech gizmos on offer, the Phideon will have a camera-based night vision system.

“The interior is tailored perfectly to the needs of the driver, with the Phideon’s luxurious rear passenger compartment also making it an ideal chauffeur-driven limousine,” said VW, without saying if will replace the Phaeton luxury limousine, or sell alongside it.

There was no word on price either, or whether the Phideon will be available in Europe or the U.S.

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