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Russian Scrapping Incentives Should Kick-start The Market

Russian Scrapping Incentives Should Kick-start The Market The Russian car market looks likely to resume its growth in 2010, helped by the government’s €250 million cash for clunkers subsidy, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ Autofacts. According to Autofacts, the scheme, which started this month, will provide for 200,000 new cars. Participants receive a voucher worth €1,200 if […]

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Scrapping Hinders Industry Need To Consolidate, Cut Costs

Sales Boost In Short-Term Won’t Eliminate Eventual Pain. But Some Applaud Scrapping Schemes As Crucial Help In A Storm. “avoids dangerous sales declines in 2009 and helps auto makers maintain a flatter, more profitable, cycle. What is wrong with that?” Britain, finally, signed up to provide subsidies for car scrapping, but not everybody believes this […]

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Scrapping Schemes Gather Pace Across Europe

Can This Be A Rare Win/Win Situation? No. Negative Implications For Mix, But Beggars Can’t Be Choosers. Britain Strangely Reluctant To Join In. Government incentives for people to swap new cars for old seem to provide an almost magical solution where everybody wins. With many potential buyers sitting on their credit cards because they simply […]

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