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Smart ForTwo

Smart Fortwo ED review

Battery Power Does The Business In Town. Limited Range A Worry, But Mega Cheap Costs Will Sway Many. Electric Smart Runs Out Of Steam After 60 mph, But So What? Eerie Silence Threatens Pedestrians, Pets, But V8 Recording Will Help ***** out of 5 “There will be a burgeoning market in exterior sound systems. I’d […]

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Smart ForTwo Lexus GX470

Smart Versus Lexus GX470 review

In The U.S. At Least, Not Such A Big Price Contrast. Make The Choice Before Environmental. Gauleiters Take It Away. From the sublime to the ridiculous. Beauty and the Beast. Little and Large. Hobson’s choice. One week I was driving the tiny little Smart city car around the highways and byways of Sussex, and the […]

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