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Outraged By Taxpayer Gift To VW? How About Welsh Rallying


Outraged By Taxpayer Gift To VW? How About Welsh Rallying

If you were as angered as me when you heard that your hard-earned tax was given to fund millionaire Bentley supercar buyers when its owner was flush-with profits Volkswagen, then you will be reaching for your pitchforks when you hear about the latest recipient of government charity; the Welsh Rally.

Yes, there is a Welsh rally, and your government just gave it £1.4 million of your money, just when it is pleading poverty and stopping funding for old people’s care and other deserving causes.

I’ve got a press release here from Wales Rally GB telling us that the money will deliver benefits throughout Wales and that the rally’s appeal has widened beyond the motorsport enthusiast. Come on please. Let’s face it. The only people interested in souped up cars with nothing in common with the showroom model being driven at lunatic speeds around woods and countryside making enough noise to frighten the animals to death if they don’t mow them down in the first place are spotty 14 year olds who don’t buy cars. But it’s this part of the statement that is truly amazing.

“(The automotive sector in Wales) has 30,000 people employed in automotive manufacturing, retail & maintenance with a turnover of £3 billion annually,” says the press release.

In that case, why don’t they fund the event? Surely in these hard times when money is scarce, the government should spend only on deserving cases.

Meanwhile Volkswagen in Wolfsburg refused to response to my emails, following news that Bentley received almost £5 million of taxpayer money to fund new engines. Volkswagen of Germany in October announced it is likely to make almost £10 billion in 2011.

I asked VW these questions.

“Did Bentley ask VW for the money?

If yes, why did VW say no?

If not, why didn’t Bentley ask VW for the loan?”

VW didn’t return either of my phone calls either.

Neil Winton – November 17, 2011


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