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Suzuki, VW Finally Formerly End Cooperation Agreement

Suzuki, VW Finally Formerly End Cooperation Agreement. Japanese May Have To Pay Damages For Pact Violation. International arbitrators agreed that Suzuki could finally terminate its 2009 agreement with Volkswagen, although the Japanese company may have to pay damages to VW because the panel said it had breached the agreement. The amount of possible damages was […]

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Suzuki Deadline For VW Public Apology Passes

VW Sends Letter, Won’t Reveal Content, Then Rubs Salt Into Wound The spat between Suzuki and Volkswagen rumbled on, as the Japanese deadline for an apology passed without a public retraction from the Germans. The apparent breakdown of an alliance between the companies led to the Japanese smarting and left the Germans looking bemused. VW […]

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VW, Suzuki Deal Provokes Widespread Approval

VW Gets Profitable Small Car Expertise, Access To India Suzuki Gains Engine Technology Volkswagen’s deal with Suzuki of Japan was warmly received by many investors, who immediately identified the arrangements as having that rare advantage; everybody wins. “We see a strong strategic rationale for the partnership. Suzuki offers VW access to industry leading small car […]

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