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Chaotic European Market Spurs Opel-Peugeot Merger Talk

“Who ever heard about two car makers who are in trouble joining up” “Austerity programs, combined with political and nationalistic policies, have created a calamity for the European auto industry. If merging one horrendous loss-maker into another massive value-destroyer makes sense, business schools will have to throw their text books out the window and start […]

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Will VW Porsche Merger Ever Happen?

German Probe Cuts Likelihood Of Deal Being Completed Soon Law Suits, Appeals, Dismissals, Tax Questions Create Murky Outlook But Whatever Happens Legally, Porsche Physically Destined For VW  The merger between Volkswagen and Porsche has been delayed again and some investors wonder if it will every happen. Porsche said a probe by German authorities into allegations […]

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Peugeot-Mitsubishi Alliance Proposal Draws Fire

“There Is No Other Alternative” Hardly A Ringing Endorsement Mitsubishi’s Battery Car Expertise Impresses Though Could This Help Peugeot’s Long Promised Return To The U.S.? News that Peugeot of France is negotiating a tie-up with Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors hasn’t thrilled investors who view the Japanese company as weak, although they are impressed by its electric […]

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