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Renault, FCA, Ford Most Exposed To Turkey

Renault, FCA, Ford Most Exposed To Turkey.

Daimler Has Truck Plant Too.

    Renault, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Ford have the highest exposure to Turkey, but neither would suffer that much if production was halted for a while, according to Evercore ISI.

    These three companies are all expected to each produce more than 300,000 autos this year. All three also use joint local ventures.

    Evercore ISI said Renault’s production in Turkey accounts for 8.3 per cent of its overall output, 6.9 per cent at FCA and 5.3 per cent at Ford.

    Daimler has a truck and bus plant producing 25,000 a year.

    Turkey was roiled by what appeared to be a coup attempt July 15. After a couple of days it appeared to have failed and airports were reopened.

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