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VW Should Dump SEAT And Replace It With Alfa Romeo

Bernstein’s Warburton, With No Evidence, Calls This A Neat Idea It Would Appeal To Piech’s Heritage Fascination Fiat’s plans for Chrysler have taken the spotlight away from its troubled sporty subsidiary Alfa Romeo, but Max Warburton, senior analyst at Bernstein Research, has an interesting theory. Might Volkswagen board chairman Ferdinand Piech be interested in buying it? […]

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VW, Suzuki Deal Provokes Widespread Approval

VW Gets Profitable Small Car Expertise, Access To India Suzuki Gains Engine Technology Volkswagen’s deal with Suzuki of Japan was warmly received by many investors, who immediately identified the arrangements as having that rare advantage; everybody wins. “We see a strong strategic rationale for the partnership. Suzuki offers VW access to industry leading small car […]

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Just How Much Is Porsche Worth?

VW-Porsche Move Closer To Merger. Estimate Of Porsche Value Varies By Up To €4 billion. Cayenne-VW Sweetheart Deal Made Much Money For Porsche. Some of the uncertainty has been removed about the future of Volkswagen and Porsche as they move closer together, but there are still plenty of questions to answer; try this one – […]

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VW Market Share Drive Causing Pain Elsewhere

VW is trying to gain market share aggressively. It hurts profits but also significantly further weakens less financially solid competitors.  Volkswagen’s drive for market share is weakening its profits, but also probably causing more damage to its competitors, according to Nomura International. Nomura expects VW to remain profitable in 2009, unlike most its competitors, and […]

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