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Political Turmoil May Undermine 2017 European Car Sales

Political Turmoil May Undermine 2017 European Car Sales. “In 2017, new vehicle sales in Europe will experience a sharp deceleration Western Europe’s car markets will turn anaemic next year, as possible political turmoil frightens consumers way from committing to big money purchasers. And there will be many attractive new cars and SUVs going on sale […]

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Europe’s Car Makers Face No-Win Choices As CO2 Rules Tighten

CO2 Rules Tighten “Manufacturers may be in a lose/lose situation, with the pace of improvement giving politicians a mandate to push forward with even more stringent regulation” Europe’s auto manufacturers need to increase the electrification of their fleets to meet harsh new fuel efficiency rules by 2020. The trouble is, current battery technology simply isn’t […]

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Europeans Reject Electric-Only Cars, But See Hybrid Case

“Electric car sales pace, far from growing, is slowing” Europeans Reject Electric-Only Cars, But See Hybrid Case Almost nobody in Europe wants to buy an electric car, but luckily for the manufacturers which need to sell alternative vehicles to meet harsh government regulations, there is a little bit more enthusiasm for hybrids. That’s the conclusion […]

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Call For Action To Shake-Up Europe Industry Falls On Deaf Ears

“difficult to envisage any capacity actions in the current environment” The European Auto Industry’s perennial and chronic over-capacity crisis means it is being kept bloated, unprofitable and afloat because whenever a financial crisis requires resolute action, craven governments step in with taxpayers money for a bailout. It’s like the bank of Mom and Dad writ […]

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