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Sales Forecasts Under Pressure As Recession Looms

Euro Storm Doesn’t Help Confidence, And Long-Term Trends A Worry Will Governments Intervene? “we may be witnessing permanently lower demand if society’s appetite for motorisation is shrinking” As the automotive industry heads back to work from beaches and holiday homes, a second European recession in three years looms and forecasters are busy crossing out their […]

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Even The Germans Are Succumbing To Europe’s Problems

LMC Now Forecasts 2012 West Europe Sales Will Dive 7.3 Per Cent “how will manufacturers respond in coming months – heavy discounting and self-registering are, after all, short-term solutions to what are clearly longer-term problems” German luxury car manufacturers have been sailing serenely past the wreckage of Europe’s mainstream industry, but even the likes of […]

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Europe’s Automotive Chiefs Avert Eyes From The Crisis

“industry on the threshold of escalating opportunities” ? Dream On Only Nissan Is Making Money, Thanks To Qashqai And Juke MONTE CARLO, Monaco The leaders of Europe’s automotive manufacturers are too smart to be complacent, so it’s probably best to describe their confident public utterances as the crisis grips as showing their buoyancy or stoicism. In […]

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VW Shrugs Aside Tough European Conditions With Profit Boost

“Many VW peers, especially in Europe, are getting weaker and weaker” “VW continues to outgrow peers due to product quality, brand equity” Some investors worried that Volkswagen might find it difficult to keep its profit growth momentum going, given the weakness of the European market and VW’s expensive switchover to a new production method. They […]

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Weak Demand Will Force Europe Shakeout – Report

Europe Lags U.S. In Painful Action Needed European Governments Stopped Needed Remedial Action “industry players incorrectly assume that the next new product/portfolio will take share from competitors and alleviate fixed cost pressures” Europe’s mass car manufacturers have produced too many vehicles for the weak market to bear for too long, and this may finally trigger […]

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