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Nissan Leaf review

Only Governments Believe In Nissan Leaf

Battery-only Technology Flawed, Prices Sky High Make Sure You Order World Class Road Rescue If You Buy One If You Demand Green, Extended Range Electric Wins Hands Down Some Labour party backbench hack from the north east congratulated Prime Minister Gordon Brown for bribing Nissan with our money to build the Leaf battery-only car at […]

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Electric Mini review 2010

Electric Mini review

No Range Anxiety, Just Pure Panic Terrific, Quiet Performance, But Don’t Stray On To The Motorway If Battery Cars Catch On, Beware Creeping Examples In Slow Lane rating * out of 5 Don’t Worry They Won’t, Until Range Doubled, Price Slashed. This week at the Geneva Car Show you will hear plenty of odes to the […]

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Renault Battery Vision Looks Like An Expensive Blind-Alley

Why Pursue Batteries When Plug-In Hybrid Makes Them Obsolete? Firms Which Rescue Stranded Motorists Will Be Big Winners Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn’s startling claim that battery powered vehicles will win 10 per cent of global new car sales by 2020 still beggars belief. At the Frankfurt Car Show last month, Ghosn wasn’t talking about plug-in […]

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Electric Dreams Likely To Stumble On Forecaster’s Reality

Despite Electric Progress, Internal Combustion Won’t Go Away While manufacturers like Nissan of Japan jostle for the lead in the race to saturate markets with electric cars, automotive forecasters seeking to cut through the hyperbole tell a more sober story. Nissan of Japan has been hogging the headlines lately with exciting plans for electric cars. […]

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U.S. Talks Electric, But Internal Combustion Is Reality

Battery Range Claims Seem Flaky, Particularly Chinese Ones. Market Share Of Hybrids, Diesels In U.S. Will Miniscule. “if you run low on fuel, you can’t just look for the nearest petrol station. You might have to stay overnight while the battery recharges.  Listening, watching and reading the international media’s reporting on the Detroit Car Show, […]

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Nice Mega City

Nice Mega City review

Battery Power For Early Adopters. Keeps Up With Traffic, Just; Wait For Next Technology Advance. Pricey To Buy/Cheap To Run, Questionable Safety, Inadequate Poke. Guaranteed To Make You Fell Smugger Than A Prius Driver. ** out of 5 I’ve been driving the future, and it needs work. With all the talk about electric cars replacing […]

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