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Prius Plug-In Promises Great Economy, No Range Anxiety

Leaf’s Battery-Only Case So Weak, It Threatens Edsel-Like Debacle Derision From Top Gear, Sunday Times Story Will Make Buyers Wary “The Prius and the Volt don’t promise a perfect solution to the problems of emissions, but they provide a sensible, practical compromise”. I’ve been driving the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, a new high-technology fuel-efficient car […]

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E.U. Car Policy Plans Get Ahead Of Consumer, Technology

Ford Worries About Regulation Forcing Manufacturing Out E.U. Obsessed With Battery Cars Which Need Subsidies To Flourish European Union automotive industry policy ideas threaten to undermine manufacturing and its obsession with battery-only cars would force what looks like a cul-de-sac technology on the buying public. The problem of huge price and limited ability of battery-only […]

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Government Nudges, Not Pricey Prods, Will Force Electric Liftoff

Concessions Would Help Electric Car Drivers, But Antagonize The Rest All Cars Could Be Electric By 2030, Says One Proselytizer U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) edicts are based on flimsy ground.  Predictions about the future of electric cars are all over the place, suggesting more than a degree of uncertainty about their likely […]

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A Honda sign is seen at a building damaged by the March 11 tsunami in Kesennuma town

Electric Car Maker Tesla Jump Started By Investment Report

Could Be Fourth Largest Vehicle Maker In U.S. Production Might Hit 500,000 By 2025, Profits $1.2 Billion Report By Morgan Stanley, Which Organized Tesla’s 2010 Share Sale  Battery-powered cars will be a great success, providing affordable and practical transport for millions, and will save the world from global warming. Battery-powered cars are a ridiculous con-trick […]

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Battery Cars Will Struggle Against Mainstream Competition

When Subsidies Disappear, Battery Deficiencies Will Be Stark Massive Technology Breakthrough Required, But Don’t Hold Your Breath Manufacturers Will Concoct “Mobility” Schemes To Tempt You  Some say electric cars will save the planet from man-made climate change. Others see a need to clean up the exhausts of an increasing number of cars clogging up city […]

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Citroen C-Zero

Of course battery cars work; the Citroen C-Zero rode the Eurotunnel!

The public relations departments of car manufacturers pour out a huge amount of boring, self-serving and normally inoffensive garbage every day. Morris Canardly wins North West Scotland caravan tow car of the year, and variations on that theme, is the standard fare. But sometimes they produce publicity so nonsensical, so superficial, I feel moved to […]

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China Electric Car Policy Seen As Western Technology Grab

Car manufacturers are increasingly worried that China’s plans for electric cars could force foreign companies to hand over expensively developed technology in exchange for market access, according to the Wall Street Journal. In an article from Beijing, the Wall Street Journal said China’s 10-year plan to become the world’s leader in developing and making battery-powered […]

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Battery Car Hype About To Stumble Over Reality

Unreliable Range, No Environmental, Cost Or Efficiency Advantage Battery-Only Is Being Driven By Politics, Not Economics Expect increase in road side assistance calls, scary rise in accidents, more pedestrian deaths and squashed pets  It’s nearly time to put up or shut up.  At the end of September, battery-powered electric vehicles will the toast of the […]

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