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Ford Europe’s Odell Says E.U. Policy Could Undermine Industry

Korean Trade Deal One-Sided, Damaging. Delay Japanese Talks Overcapacity Remains Unreformed, Forcing Unsustainable Price War E.U. Transport White Paper “Unrealistic”, “One-sided” COLOGNE, Germany – Unnecessary and anti-car regulation from the European Union will stifle future vehicle use, discourage important research and development and increase unemployment in the industry, Ford of Europe Chairman and CEO Stephen […]

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E.U. Car Policy Plans Get Ahead Of Consumer, Technology

Ford Worries About Regulation Forcing Manufacturing Out E.U. Obsessed With Battery Cars Which Need Subsidies To Flourish European Union automotive industry policy ideas threaten to undermine manufacturing and its obsession with battery-only cars would force what looks like a cul-de-sac technology on the buying public. The problem of huge price and limited ability of battery-only […]

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E.U. Truck Problem, Car CO2 Weakness Could Cost Daimler

Audi CO2 Performance Said To Beat Equivalent Mercedes “Truck Engine Changeover Like Changing All Cars At Once” Daimler reported huge profits for 2010, and investors were convinced that 2011 would be even better as pronouncements from the corporate leadership left the impression that everything in the garden was lovely. The only complaint was that Daimler’s […]

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E.U. Should Delay, Dilute Swingeing CO2 Rules

Regulations Were Based On Climate Science Now Shown To Be Rotten Europe’s Car Makers Already Produced Fantastically Frugal Cars CO2 Rules Will Raise Costs For Public, Eliminate Profits For Makers  In a sane world, European governments would be scrambling to rescind tight regulation and extortionate taxation introduced in the name of saving the planet from […]

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