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BMW, Intel, Mobileye Form Technology Alliance

BMW, Intel, Mobileye Form Technology Alliance. “We expect production of fully autonomous vehicles to be substantially less than 15 per cent of global light vehicle production by 2029”     BMW, technology giant Intel and Israeli minnow Mobileye are getting together to develop self-driving cars in a move designed to make sure the automotive industry […]

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BMW Investors Look To New Products To Reignite Performance

BMW Investors New Products 2015 “we remain confident that this is merely a near-term hiatus until new product arrives” BMW’s profit performance in the first quarter looked good on the surface, but closer analysis showed bottom line gains owed more to factors outside its control than in-house qualities. Investors reckoned any short-term problems are likely […]

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BMW’s China Money Making Machine Under Pressure

BMW’s China Money Making Machine Under Pressure. Threat To Profits Would Hit All In China. Most Investors Wary, But Sanguine. Is Nationalisation A Serious, Long-term Threat? After five years of relentless sales improvement, BMW is warning investors that harder times may be ahead, and that China’s apparently limitless ability to provide ever-fatter profits may be […]

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BMW Most Vulnerable To Japan Fall Out

Damage Unlikely To Be Major, Although 2011 Profits Look Capped New 1, 3 Series Launches To Provide Substantial Cost Savings BMW is the most vulnerable of the premium car manufacturers to any supply crunch following the crisis in Japan, but investors are confident that any disruption will be short-lived and manageable. BMW announced impressive financial […]

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BMW Business Model Under Pressure

Changing Economics, Tastes, CO2 Rules, Tougher Competition Audi Looming Large In the Rear View Mirror “BMW most at risk without the scale of Audi, Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti” Germany’s premium car manufacturers have weathered the recession without taking on too much water, but the long-term prospects for Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, and particularly BMW are starting […]

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