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Pent-up Demand Will Accelerate Electric Car Sales-McKinsey

Pent-up Demand Will Accelerate Electric Car Sales-McKinsey. “Consumer demand is starting to shift in favor of electric vehicles, with strong disruption potential” Here’s a prediction for 2017. More forecasters will say electric car sales are about to take off, but actual sales will remain in low gear. Admittedly, before the end of the year, Tesla’s […]

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Europeans Reject Electric-Only Cars, But See Hybrid Case

“Electric car sales pace, far from growing, is slowing” Europeans Reject Electric-Only Cars, But See Hybrid Case Almost nobody in Europe wants to buy an electric car, but luckily for the manufacturers which need to sell alternative vehicles to meet harsh government regulations, there is a little bit more enthusiasm for hybrids. That’s the conclusion […]

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Tesla Nevada Plant Will Result In Battery Overcapacity – Report

Sales Targets For 2020 Won’t Be Met Either. Electric Cars Failing To Excite Buyers. Tesla Motors Inc said it would build its so-called giga-factory near Reno, Nevada, but one expert said this would result in chronic over-production of batteries, while investors warned that the company’s shares were currently overvalued and ignored some troubling negatives. Boston-based […]

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Batteries Battle Fuel Cells, Leaving Plug-In Hybrids To Prosper

Batteries Battle Fuel Cells. “most traditional automakers are de-emphasizing electric vehicle development in favour of fuel cell electric vehicles” Auto manufacturers like Toyota of Japan are backing away from battery-only powered vehicles as sales fail to take-off, and hint that fuel-cells are the holy grail for future, green machines. Investment banker Morgan Stanley detects an […]

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Except For Tesla, Electric-Only Vehicles Are Failures For Now

Forget Renault’s 10 Percent By 2020 Forecast, One Percent Likely. Expensive and range threatened pure electric vehicle have failed to meet sales targets, and over-ambitions global projections will have to be scaled back, investment bank Morgan Stanley said in a report. Traditional internal combustion engines will take up the slack for a while yet, while […]

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VW E-Golf review

VW E-Golf – Stop-Gap Before Plug-In Hybrid Arrives. “if a buyer ever needs a proper car with acceptable range and performance, VW will arrange a temporary one for you”. For – quiet, good acceleration, no obvious compromises. Against – low top speed cruising, range anxiety, waste of time/space with plug-in coming. * out of five […]

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