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Mazda 3 review

Solid, Well Priced Competitor In VW Golf Sector Lighter, More Fuel Efficient; Much Standard Equipment Styling Looks On The Busy Side **** out of 5 “slashes down the sides suggested recently demised Chris Bangle of BMW may have been moonlighting at Mazda” WICK, Scotland Mazda launched the new Mazda3 from a base in the extreme North East […]

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Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed review

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed review

Dream Car Massive Price, Running Costs Won’t Phase Target Buyers Amazing Performance, Cosseting Luxury, Beautiful Workmanship **** out of 5 Recession Has Thinned Market, MPs Won’t Be Buying Now Either “a confusing cacophony of bings and bongs, which might start to mean something after a few weeks of ownership” “maybe a well-trained chauffeur is essential to […]

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Audi A5 Cabriolet review 2009

Audi A5 Cabriolet review

Succeed As Economies Crater? A5 ragtop is beautiful, high quality; masses of engine, trim options **** out of 5 GRANADA, Spain You can call Audi brave, or reckless, but despite plunging car sales around the world, the German premium manufacturer seems determined to carry out its new model programme. Audi is launching the new A5 Cabriolet in […]

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Peugeot Sales Dive, Outlook Gloomy

Company Said To Be In A “Distressed” Condition. PSA Peugeot Citroen unveiled its sales figures for the first quarter and reiterated its gloomy prognostications for the year. Sales of assembled vehicles fell 23.5 per cent to 619,000, and kit cars shipped mainly to Iran fell 18.7 per cent to 713,000. Peugeot said production in the […]

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Scrapping Hinders Industry Need To Consolidate, Cut Costs

Sales Boost In Short-Term Won’t Eliminate Eventual Pain. But Some Applaud Scrapping Schemes As Crucial Help In A Storm. “avoids dangerous sales declines in 2009 and helps auto makers maintain a flatter, more profitable, cycle. What is wrong with that?” Britain, finally, signed up to provide subsidies for car scrapping, but not everybody believes this […]

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Hyundai i20 review 2009

Hyundai i20 review

5-Year Guarantee The Winning Card But i20 Matches Competition In Most Areas, Wins On Price Fuel Consumption Doesn’t Match Claims, But Nobody Else’s Does ***** out of 5 Even Residuals Claimed To Beat The Best, Thanks To Warranty The competition like Ford is raising prices in the teeth of a recession and effectively committing suicide in […]

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Fiat Bravo review 2009

Fiat Bravo review

Beautiful, Practical New Small Petrol Engine The Shape Of Things To Come 1.4 litre Powerful, But Economy Falls Short **** out of 5 The Fiat Bravo is one of those rare cars that is so beautiful, people will buy it just for its looks. That is especially impressive in the small family car sector of the […]

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