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Nissan Claims VC-T Technology Will Boost Power, Frugally

Nissan Claims VC-T Technology Will Boost Power, Frugally.

Will Introduce Engine With Infiniti Next Year.

As diesel power starts to wane, under pressure from Volkswagen’s dieselgate scandal, Nissan announced its Infiniti premium subsidiary will be the first user of its VC-T technology which it says will provide the performance of turbo-charged gasoline engine and improved fuel economy.

Infiniti will unveil the new power plant at the Paris Car Show on September 29 and it will make its first appearance in a too-be-determined car next year. Nissan said a turbo-charged 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine averages 27 per cent better fuel economy than the 3.5 litre V6 engine it replaces, with comparable power and torque.

The VC-T technology allows the engine to choose an optimal compression ratio for combustion, a key factor in the trade-off between power and efficiency.

According to BMI Research, the VC-T could be a game changer, although it is too early to gauge the technology’s full market impact.

Strong contender
“The combination of a similar performance to diesels but at a cheaper price makes the engine technology a strong contender to displace the attractiveness of diesels, particularly in diesel-dominated markets like Europe. Since the Volkswagen NOx emissions scandal, consumers have lost a significant amount of trust in the benefits of diesel vehicles with the share of diesel car sales in the E.U. falling to 50.2 per cent in Q116 compared to 53.6 per cent in 2014. Nissan’s technology could speed up the decline in diesel’s popularity while bolstering demand for its own products,” BMI said.

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