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Press Day Coverage from Detroit, Paris, Geneva and Frankfurt

Geneva 2017 Supercar Headliners in Geneva Underline Useful Car Paucity.
The fact Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren and Porsche made the headlines at the annual car show here with their fabulous supercars is just another way of saying the industry doesn’t have much that’s very exciting for the real world.  [Continue Reading]

IAA Frankfurt 2013

Frankfurt 2013 Mercedes’ Zetsche Is The Star Of The Frankfurt Car Show
Autonomous Driving Makes Its First, Tentative Step. BMWi3, Mercedes GLA, Mazda3, E-Up, i10 Vie For The Spotlight. Cringe When You Look At The Lexus LF-NX. Dumbest Idea? Ford, Renault, Peugeot Thinking Upmarket. [Continue Reading]


Geneva 2013 Mercedes CLA The Star Of Geneva
Small SUVs Establish A New Niche. China’s Qoros Looks Credible, If Show Models Replicated. While the outside world worries about its future in a Europe of burgeoning unemployment, economic recession and currency crisis, here at the annual Geneva Car Show there is only one question; what is the car of the show? [Continue Reading]


Detroit 2013 Cadillac’s Plug-In Hybrid ELR Stars In Detroit
Maserati Quattreporte, Chevrolet Corvette Are Crowd Pleasers Too. BMW 4 Series, Corolla Furia Unveiled; New Infiniti Misses Out. There is a clear, standout star at this year’s North American International Auto show, and it’s the Cadillac ELR plug-in hybrid. [Continue Reading]


Paris 2012 Anonymous VW Golf VII Debuts In Paris
Renault Clio, Range Rover, Jaguar F-Type Vie For Spotlight. Luxury manufacturers Eschew Bling For Efficiency. As Europe’s troubled mass car manufacturers concentrate on just staying alive, the luxury car companies used the Paris Car Show to strut their stuff. [Continue Reading]


Geneva 2012 Geneva Pizzazz Lightens Europe’s Austerity Mood
Luxury Cars Everywhere; “One Per Cent” Doing OK. New Audi A3 (Just Think Old One) Has Big Implications For VW. Bentley Bulk Catches The Eye, Then Turns The Stomach. “ugly and over-the-top, the key to success for target market; professional sports players across the world, and drug dealers. [Continue Reading]


Detroit 2012 Cadillac ATS Pizzazz Aims At BMW’s 3 Series
NSX Takes Star Honours At Detroit Show. Toyota C moves hybrids into mass market. Fusion Appears Next Year In Europe As The Mondeo. While the Germans make their premium cars look ever more bland and low key, American manufacturers like Cadillac use style and panache to attract attention, and win new buyers. [Continue Reading]

IAA Motorshow Frankfurt 2011

Frankfurt 2011 Small, Cheap Cars Dominate Frankfurt, Although Talk Is Electric
VW Up, Fiat Panda, Mercedes B class The Most Significant Launches. Hyundai i30’s Looks Will Stun; Mini Coupe’s, Defender’s Repulse. Electric Concepts Show Manufacturers Desperate To Find Right Formula. [Continue Reading]

Geneva Motor Show 2011

Geneva 2011 Lack-Lustre Geneva Show Reflects Faltering Economy
Hyundai i40, Couple Of Kias, Point To Gathering Eastern Storm. Fiat Pads Out Range With U.S. Gas-Guzzlers As Oil Prices Rise. “the show promised nearly 170 world and European premieres. Lazy media sycophants parroted this absurd claim” [Continue Reading]

Hyundai Curb Crossover

Detroit 2011 American Design To The Fore At Detroit Show
Sonic, Not Volt, Is The Most Important. Chrysler 300 Shows U.S. Number 3 Is Back In The Game. Tesla Wins Prize For Most Preposterous Claim. [Continue Reading]



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