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France Plays Protectionist Card With Renault, Peugeot Aid

Sarkozy Orders Production, R&D, New Models Stay In France. Saves The Short-term, But Destroys Long-Term Profit Chances. Czech Republic Outraged, But Is E.U. Squared Away? France has bailed out Renault and Peugeot-Citroen, but investors worry that some of the terms of the loans may be threaten the companies’ long-term profitability, as well as possibly undermining […]

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Europe Must Act Soon To Avoid Car Industry “Catastrophe”

Scrapping Incentives Will Give Short-Term Boost. France Action Risks Protectionist Vicious Circle. Hundreds Of Thousands Face Unemployment. “getting it wrong could turn out be unprecedented,  catastrophic” The European Union is dithering while its car industry faces a challenge so desperate it could lead to the bankruptcy of some of its must important companies and force […]

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U.S. Talks Electric, But Internal Combustion Is Reality

Battery Range Claims Seem Flaky, Particularly Chinese Ones. Market Share Of Hybrids, Diesels In U.S. Will Miniscule. “if you run low on fuel, you can’t just look for the nearest petrol station. You might have to stay overnight while the battery recharges.  Listening, watching and reading the international media’s reporting on the Detroit Car Show, […]

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Ethanol Farmers

Bentley Plan To Cut CO2 With Ethanol Comes Under Fire

If You Add Up The “Well-To-Wheel” Inputs – No Advantage. Bentley Eschews Hybrid, Battery Route; Thinks About Diesel. Ethanol Offers Cheap, Quick Route To Theoretical CO2 Advantage . Bentley, the British-based luxury carmaker owned by Germany’s Volkswagen, reckons biofuels are the key to cutting its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on the way to a greener future. […]

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