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Geneva Motor Show 2015

Somehow, Ferraris, McLarens, Bentleys Still Thrive In Geneva

Somehow, Ferraris, McLarens, Bentleys Still Thrive In Geneva. “mainstream premium” qualifies as an oxymoron in my book” GENEVA, Switzerland – By 2015, you would have thought that car shows would be packed with boring little fuel sippers, drained of pizzazz by zealous politicians and po-faced regulators saying, sorry, they were just acting in our best […]

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Europe’s Car Makers Face No-Win Choices As CO2 Rules Tighten

CO2 Rules Tighten “Manufacturers may be in a lose/lose situation, with the pace of improvement giving politicians a mandate to push forward with even more stringent regulation” Europe’s auto manufacturers need to increase the electrification of their fleets to meet harsh new fuel efficiency rules by 2020. The trouble is, current battery technology simply isn’t […]

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