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Chevrolet Europe

Chevrolet Europe Needs Success In Russia To Fulfil Its Goals.

Long-Term Plan Said To Be Overambitious. But Compared With GM Europe Companies, Chevy Is A Star. VALENCIA, Spain Chevrolet Europe has weathered the economic storm better than most of its competitors, benefitting hugely from government cash-for-clunkers incentives, but if its ambitious long-term plan is going to be successful, it all depends on Russia. That might not […]

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Cadillac XLR

Can Cadillac Ever Succeed In Europe?

New Plans Modest, But Cadillac’s Record Has Much To Be Modest About Latest Models Look Terrific, Even The Escalade Has A Green Tag “its products were almost unsellable, unless you were a big  sports star or highly successful entertainer with no embarrass genes” SCHENGEN, Luxembourg “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Cadillac in […]

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Battery Car Hype About To Stumble Over Reality

Unreliable Range, No Environmental, Cost Or Efficiency Advantage Battery-Only Is Being Driven By Politics, Not Economics Expect increase in road side assistance calls, scary rise in accidents, more pedestrian deaths and squashed pets  It’s nearly time to put up or shut up.  At the end of September, battery-powered electric vehicles will the toast of the […]

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Europe Baulks At Shakeout Which Could Transform Prospects

Europe’s automotive manufacturers lack the will to rid themselves of unprofitable operations which threaten their future, and experts predict a future of muddling through rather than decisive action to restore health and profits. At a recent conference in Bilbao, Spain, Ford Europe Chairman and CEO John Fleming said overcapacity had reached 35 per cent and […]

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