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Electric Dreams Likely To Stumble On Forecaster’s Reality

Despite Electric Progress, Internal Combustion Won’t Go Away While manufacturers like Nissan of Japan jostle for the lead in the race to saturate markets with electric cars, automotive forecasters seeking to cut through the hyperbole tell a more sober story. Nissan of Japan has been hogging the headlines lately with exciting plans for electric cars. […]

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Nuggets Found In BMW Numbers After Initial Depression

Cash Preservation Impresses Investors. BMW Cut Production Faster Than Sales Were Falling. BMW lost money in 2008’s fourth quarter, but investors turned surprisingly bullish about the German luxury car maker’s prospects after they’d put the numbers under the microscope. “The earnings looked disastrous at first glance,” said Commerzbank analyst Daniel Schwarz. Indeed they did. BMW […]

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France Plays Protectionist Card With Renault, Peugeot Aid

Sarkozy Orders Production, R&D, New Models Stay In France. Saves The Short-term, But Destroys Long-Term Profit Chances. Czech Republic Outraged, But Is E.U. Squared Away? France has bailed out Renault and Peugeot-Citroen, but investors worry that some of the terms of the loans may be threaten the companies’ long-term profitability, as well as possibly undermining […]

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