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Jaguar F-Type neil Winton Review 2013

Jaguar F-Type review

Not For The Shy And Retiring. Fabulous Performance, Driveability. Raucous Noises Might Be A Buyer Turnoff. “If I owned one, I think I’d remove that “look at me” noise right away” “the poorest value extra in the history of motoring. Jaguar wants to charge you £500 for a “visibility pack”” For – beautiful driver’s car. […]

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Subaru Forester review

Practical SUV. Handles Well, Great On The Highway As Well As Off-road. “Definitely not a Chelsea tractor” For – practical, no-nonsense Against – bland, not cheap **** out of 5 “Subaru claims you’ll get an average 49.6 mpg and according to my calculations that’s an exaggeration of only 14.8 per cent, breathtakingly honest by BMW’s […]

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Mercedes SL63 AMG

Mercedes SL 63 AMG review

Why I Bought It.. First in a series of interviews with real buyers of new cars. BMW, Jaguar, Audi Considered Carefully And Rejected. “It wins on money and comfort and it’s nicely understated. It doesn’t shout at you like the Jaguar” “Don’t buy, lease. The SL 63 is safe, fast, has great presence, has luggage […]

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Volvo V40 review

Competent Hatchback. Good All-Rounder Facing Too Hot To Handle Competition. For – competent Against – too expensive *** out of 5 It took a while to find out some important pricing details after I’d driven the Volvo V40 for a week. The V40 – the one I drove had a powerful and flexible 1.6 litre […]

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The Audi SQ5 TDI review

Hot, Compact SUV. Will Blast Along Huge Amounts Of Stuff, People Like A Sportscar. Hi-Tech Gizmos, Attention To Detail, Even Down To The Noise It Makes. For – faster than the average utility vehicle. Against – limited attraction, you’d think. **** out of five If you have a range of all kinds of compact SUVs which […]

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SEAT Toledo review 2013

SEAT Toledo review

Three box hatch which gets back to basic and will suit both young families and empty nesters. For – Very competitive price. Against – Some might find it dull and interior materials well below the rest of the SEAT range. Customers considering the new SEAT Toledo might become a little confused if they think it […]

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BMW 3 Series GT review 2013

BMW 3 Series GT review

A Hatchback By Any Other Name. Slightly Bigger Than Touring, Interior Space Like A 5 Series. BMW Niche-making In High Gear; 10 More By End 2014. China 3 GT Sales Will Outpace North America. For – Spacious 3-Series retains driving qualities Against – Pricey, won’t win sales on looks rating **** out of 5 “The fact […]

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Jaguart F-Type review 2013

Jaguar F-Type Roadster review

At Last, An E-Type Replacement Breathtakingly Beautiful, Befitting A Maserati Lookalike “Jaguar has designed a special noise for the exhaust, so you’ll know when one goes by” You can tell British premium car maker Jaguar is deadly serious about moving from being a niche manufacturer to challenging German hegemony in the luxury sector. Jaguar not […]

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Kia Carens review 2013

Kia Carens review

MPV With Masses Of Ways To Store Kids, Stuff  Seven Seats Standard; They Rotate, Disappear, Slide Kia’s Killer Card In A Tough Market – 100,000 Miles And 7 Years For – utilitarian all rounder that’s nice to look at Against – it’s not exciting, but who cares? rating **** out of 5 Let’s face it. […]

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