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Audi RS3 sportback review 2011

Audi RS3 Sportback review

Understated Pocket Rocket Understated That Is, Until You Floor The Accelerator, Look At The Price Amazing Performance Coupled With Placid Alter-Ego rating **** out of 5 For – goes like stink, great handling/road holding, high quality Against – lots of money for anonymous looks  VELDEN, Austria – Audi’s latest little hot-rod will blast you past most everything […]

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Mercedes E 350 CDI Estate review 2011

Mercedes E 350 CDI Estate

Old Style Mercedes-Benz Quality rating **** out of 5 For – Highly practical load-lugger with 7-seat versatility Against – Ridiculous wiper/ indicator stalk. Foot-operated ‘hand’ brake During the nineties and early noughties Mercedes-Benz seemed to lose its way as it tried first to grow organically and then by acquisition. Its then chairman Jurgen Schrempp made a series of […]

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Peugeot 508 review 2011

Peugeot 508 GT review

Motorway Muncher That’s Surprisingly Talented Handsome, Drives Well, Quality Interior, Loaded With Technology But Buyers Likely To Ignore Facts And Go For A German Badge **** out of 5 For – elegant, comfortable, impressive engineering Against – not a BMW, Audi or Mercedes One man’s persistence is another’s refusual to ever face up to the facts. If persistence […]

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Jaguar XJ review 2011

Jaguar XJ review

Stands Out From Understated, Bland Competition Makes BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S Class, Audi A8 Look Anonymous “It has fabulous, sweeping, unapologetic, in yer face beautiful lines” rating **** out of 5 For – beautiful, fast, luxurious Against – lack of headroom in rear, tacky speedo If you have about £70,000 to spend on a four-door limousine the […]

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Kia Picanto review 2011

Kia Picanto review

The new Kia Picanto – ‘the small car grown up’ Petrol only with two new engines, 5-speed manual with auto transmission option on 1.25 litre. Cute, ‘Schreyer’ looks Rating: **** out of five For – highly economical, bigger car feel, useful performance, seven year 100,000 mile warranty Against – no ‘aircon’ on entry level model – little else  Audi […]

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Chevrolet Captiva review 2011

Chevrolet Captiva review

From the inventor of the SUV, Diesel only with two new engines New 6-speed manual and auto transmissions More aggressive exterior and enhanced up-market interior Rating *** out of five For- proven running gear, nice fit and finish inside and out, five year 100,000 mile warranty Against- high depreciation, uneconomical, high CO2 automatic Chevrolet is the […]

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JEEP Compass review 2011

Jeep Compass review

Smartened Up SUV Looks Competitive New Engines, Better Interiors, As Brand Emerges From Financial Turmoil Will Access To Fiat Dealers Boost Chrysler/Jeep In Europe? rating *** out of 5 For – traditional, rugged good looks; decent value Against – interiors still not up to scratch  Chrysler has emerged from bankruptcy with a little bit of help […]

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Audi A6 review 2011

Audi A6 review

lighter, more aerodynamic A6 Resurfaces As Dynamic Driver’s Car If You Think The Design Is Too Conservative, The A7 Is For You **** out of 5 For – understated pinnacle of technology and luxury, great drive Against – anonymous looking “The new design certainly makes the A6 into a proper driver’s car which can compete head-on with class […]

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Renault Wind review 2011

Renault Wind review

Radical Looks, Clever Convertible With Summer Approaching, Now’s The Time To Think Open Top Wind Designed For Narrow Audience, Which Doesn’t Seem To Like It rating ** out of 5 For – head-turning looks, good interior Against – too much  The Renault Wind is a hard car to rate when it is clearly designed for someone […]

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Ford Mondeo review 2011

Ford Mondeo review

More Standard Features, Sharpened Looks Updated Middle Of The Road Family Car Impressively Competent rating **** out of 5 You would be hard pressed to improve on this experience if you were driving an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes For – top quality motor, premium in all but name Against – pricey, but surely that’s negotiable  It takes time […]

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