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Audi A6 Avant review 2011

Audi A6 Avant review

Load Lugging With Style Estate Cars Provide Utility With Driveability Tough Choice Between BMW, Mercedes, Audi And Volvo **** out of 5 If Four-Wheel Drive Doesn’t Swing It, Will “Gesture-Controlled Tailgate”?  “with both arms full of carrier bags, you can approach the rear, waggle your foot and if you have the key in your pocket, the […]

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BMW 1 series review 2011

BMW 1 Series review

Technology Sets It Apart Body Design Strays Little From Original, And That Was No Looker High Technology Is Now Available Further Down Market, At A Price rating **** out of 5 For – terrific performance, handling, quality Against – expensive, anonymous looking BMW’s new 1 series stood out from the crowd of debutants at the Frankfurt Car Show because […]

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volkswagen golf cabriolet 2011 review

VW Golf Cabriolet review

At last a replacement for the iconic Golf Cabriolet and Volkswagen now owns the factory. **** out of 5 For: Perfect antidote to British weather Against: Nothing except that it looks like an Audi A3 Cabriolet                                     In view of its platform sharing strategy and amid accusations of badge engineering, the Volkswagen Group design team under Walter de Silva […]

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Toyota Yaris review 2011

Toyota Yaris review

Embattled Toyota is desperately trying to hold on to its number one slot rating **** out of 5 For: Does what it says on the rather dull tin. 5 year warranty Against: For its likely customers, nothing  As Toyota slowly emerges from the two most difficult period in its 74 year life, the question on every commentator’s lips […]

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Infiniti M35h review 2011

Infiniti M35h review

Hybrid Adds Lustre To Premium Brand Portfolio Infiniti Joins Lexus In European Fight Against The Germans Dream On; We All Know How Well That Went rating **** out of 5 For – not a BMW, well equipped, drives well, high quality, priced to go Against – not a BMW, ugly duckling looks Infiniti, Nissan of Japan’s premium brand, is finally turning […]

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Jaguar XF review 2011

Jaguar XF review

Smartened Up Body, 8-Speed Box, New Diesel Formidable Contender In BMW 5-Series Sector New Small Diesel Allows Low Starting Price Point Of £30,950 rating **** out of 5 For – looks nice now, hard to fault Against – won’t protect your investment like a BMW Jaguar has tidied up the looks of its XF saloon, making it more like the fabulous […]

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VW Amarok review 2011

VW Amarok review

Upmarket Pickup Truck Rugged And Expensive; Is There A Market For This In Europe? *** out of 5 For – rugged, go-anywhere load-lugger for farmers, plumbers Against – SUV does the same, and keeps your stuff dry, safe I’ve never driven a pick-up truck before. I’ve ridden in a few in the U.S. over the years, […]

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Lamborghini Aventador review 2011

Lamborghini Aventador review

Unusable Performance, Massive Price “great for crash survival, and for when the revolution comes” For – beautiful, mesmeric performance, technology’s cutting edge Against – immature image, lack of embarrass genes required  The new Lamborghini Aventador’s mere existence as an over-the-top sports car might be too much for some, who might see this car as a mindless squandering […]

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JEEP Cherokee review 2011

JEEP Grand Cherokee review

Jeep Adds New Diesel To Grand Cherokee To Lure Europeans Interior, A Problem For Chrysler/Jeep In The Past, Passes Test rating **** out of 5 biggest hurdle; the company car fleet manager who will be reluctant to invest money in a brand which looks weak in the all-important residual prices stakes compared with the Germans For […]

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SEAT Exeo review 2011

SEAT Exeo review

Could Be The Most Sensible Family Car Ever Using Old Audi A4 Engineering Slashes Development Costs Premium Quality At Run-of-the-Mill Prices **** out of 5 For – upmarket car for mass market money Against – bland looks, “old” technology  The SEAT Exeo may look eerily familiar to you because it is an old Audi A4 thinly disguised. But […]

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