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Investors See Mercedes Boosted By New Models, Lower Costs

CLA, S-class Win Sales; C-class Set To Impress Too. “BMW’s 3-series faces tough competition in its third year of production”. It’s like a virtuous circle for shareholders at Daimler’s Mercedes Benz, as attractive new cars boost sales while investment in more efficient manufacturing boosts profits. The imminent launch of the new C-class is going to […]

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Volvo Flywheel

Flywheels Could Be Cheap Way To Slash Fuel Use In Cars

 “The technology will allow (vehicle manufacturers) to significantly reduce CO2 emissions for a fraction of the cost and weight of conventional electric hybrids” The conventional wisdom, boosted by government subsidies, suggests electrification is the only way to curb fuel use in cars, but flywheel technology could be a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly way to enhance […]

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Peugeot Deal Gives Short-Term Insurance, Long-Term Doubts

“three-headed monster” or the “lion with three heads” French Minister Makes Clear He Will Veto More Moves Out Of France The rescue plan for financially-troubled Peugeot-Citroen, which includes ceding stakes to the French state and Dongfeng Motor of China, will solve any short-term money worries, but risks making a long-term survival plan for the company […]

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VW Union Chief Shatters Calm At Wolfsburg With U.S. Diatribe

Blasts Lack Of New Models, Dealers, Slow Market Reactions. U.S. Losses Estimated At Between €250-500 million In 2014 Volkswagen’s union chief disturbed the usual quiet, confident calm at Wolfsburg, when he grabbed the headlines with some home truths about the company’s poor performance in the U.S. Bernd Osterloh, the head of VW’s works council and […]

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