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Fiat Europe Loss Mounts; Further €700 Million Loss Seen In ‘13

New Product Plan Dumps Punto, Brava; Goes For Alfa, Maserati Jump In Debt To €6.5 Billion Worries Investors Fiat is likely to lose another €700 million in Europe in 2013, with black numbers unlikely to appear there for at least another two years, while investor worries accelerate. Fiat’s latest strategic plan eschews more production cuts […]

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Peugeot Bailout Stirs Ford, Renault, VW’s Home State Protest

Will Brussels Declare €7 billion Loan Illegal? “If Peugeot will not either reduce plants or increase sales, there is a chance it might not exist anymore” Financially-stricken Peugeot-Citroen’s effective bailout by the French government caused consternation among investors and its competitors, and this news overshadowed any positive fall-out from news that its deal with GM […]

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Unions Protest, But Investors Laud Ford Europe’s “Bold” Action

“Ford’s E.U. restructuring efforts go deep, marking the most sweeping capacity reduction in the region in years” While unions called Ford Europe’s action to shut plants and curb losses a betrayal, investors lauded the company’s moves as bold and  necessary, and hoped that more financially pressed auto makers would follow suit. Ford Europe announced it […]

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All’s Going Too Well At VW, So Let’s Worry About Succession

Profit Forecasts Shaved To Take Account Of Bad News Audi Margin Forecasts Cut Too Investment bankers have been driving the new Golf VII, and despite being impressed with the car and the promise of greater long-term profits for Volkswagen, they have found something to worry about; the leadership succession, and VW’s underperforming share price. “Most […]

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Peugeot-Citroen May Have To Make More Cuts

Moody’s Sees Black Numbers in 2014 Peugeot-Citroen’s target of breaking-even by 2014 looks tough because of deteriorating markets even if it carries out its current plan impeccably, said Moody’s Investors Service as it cut the company’s rating again. Losses will continue into 2013 and further tough action might be required, Moody’s said. Peugeot-Citroen reported an […]

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