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High Oil Prices May Undermine Ford, GM, U.S.-Market Recovery

Japanese, Europeans Better Placed With Fuel Efficient Line-ups Persistently high oil prices could stall the recovery at Ford and General Motors, and boost Japanese carmakers and Europeans like Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen, Moody’s Investors Service said. The price of crude oil has jumped to around $115 from below $80 last September, as demand has recovered […]

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BMW Most Vulnerable To Japan Fall Out

Damage Unlikely To Be Major, Although 2011 Profits Look Capped New 1, 3 Series Launches To Provide Substantial Cost Savings BMW is the most vulnerable of the premium car manufacturers to any supply crunch following the crisis in Japan, but investors are confident that any disruption will be short-lived and manageable. BMW announced impressive financial […]

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Japan Quake Impact on Global industry Hard To Fathom

Some Say Normality Weeks, Not Months Away. Others That Japanese Production Losses Will Gather Pace. Will Crucial Electronic Parts Made By Small Firms Be The Achilles Heel?  News about the possible impact of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster on the global automotive industry is confused and contradictory. Nissan Motor’s Chief Operating […]

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E.U. Truck Problem, Car CO2 Weakness Could Cost Daimler

Audi CO2 Performance Said To Beat Equivalent Mercedes “Truck Engine Changeover Like Changing All Cars At Once” Daimler reported huge profits for 2010, and investors were convinced that 2011 would be even better as pronouncements from the corporate leadership left the impression that everything in the garden was lovely. The only complaint was that Daimler’s […]

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VW Expected To Beat 2010’s Impressive Performance This Year

Cash Flow Causes Eyebrows To Rise, Momentarily Rising Oil, Euro, Interest Rates Doesn’t Bode Well For Industry “we believe VW will again be in the position to increase earnings and maintain its competitive lead” Just because Volkswagen raised its profits sevenfold in 2010, don’t think it can avoid criticism from the naysayers. VW’s net income […]

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Short-Term Outlook Grim For Japanese Automakers

Delicate, Crucial Supply Chain Badly Damaged Even If Production Restored, Infrastructure Havoc Will Curb Exports Competitors Circle To Gain Advantage  Japanese auto manufacturers closed down their factories in the days after the earthquake and tsunami disaster and nuclear power plant failures, but even if big factory production is restored, with roads and ports crippled the […]

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Battery Cars Will Struggle Against Mainstream Competition

When Subsidies Disappear, Battery Deficiencies Will Be Stark Massive Technology Breakthrough Required, But Don’t Hold Your Breath Manufacturers Will Concoct “Mobility” Schemes To Tempt You  Some say electric cars will save the planet from man-made climate change. Others see a need to clean up the exhausts of an increasing number of cars clogging up city […]

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