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Skoda Fabia Review 2015

Skoda Fabia Review 2015. Small Car With Terrific All-round Ability, Just Like Bunches Of Others. Did Parent VW Insist On Diluting Strength Of Looks? “I’ve owned a Honda Jazz or two for more than 10 years. It’s still my first choice” For – convincing contender in a tough sector. Against – hard to differentiate from […]

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After Falling Oil Price Glee Comes Unintended Consequences

After Falling Oil Price Glee Comes Unintended Consequences. CAFE Targets Under Pressure, Electric Car Economics Jeopardised. Will 54.5 Mpg Become 50, With 60 Mpg Promised For 2030? The falling oil price has been welcomed as an unmitigated bonus, with consumer spending boosting the economy in general and the auto business in particular, but investment bank […]

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Honda Civic Tourer Review 2015

Honda Civic Tourer Review 2015 – Practical And Handsome. Well-Equiped With Great Interior But Not Cheap. For – high quality, looks good, terrific utility. Against – pricey. **** out of 5 Price £24,355 The Honda Civic Tourer is a bit longer than the saloon it is based on and the added bodywork certainly makes it […]

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Europe’s Car Makers Face No-Win Choices As CO2 Rules Tighten

CO2 Rules Tighten “Manufacturers may be in a lose/lose situation, with the pace of improvement giving politicians a mandate to push forward with even more stringent regulation” Europe’s auto manufacturers need to increase the electrification of their fleets to meet harsh new fuel efficiency rules by 2020. The trouble is, current battery technology simply isn’t […]

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