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Dodgy Fuel Data Spat Indicts Journalists And Car Makers

“what do car review readers think when they buy a car and then find its fuel efficiency claim doesn’t come close to real world performance” Congratulations to What Car and the Sunday Times InGear supplement for daring to expose, again, how manufacturers and journalists mislead the car-buying public with erroneous information about fuel consumption. Journalists […]

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BMW dealer Chandlers of Worthing’s computer wonders if I’m “completely satisfied”

I’ve always thought the text messages car dealerships routinely send out to see if you were happy with the service received were simply public relations scams. They are knee-jerk messages sent out by computers to pretend that the dealership is concerned about the customer, and also to demonstrate how modern and cool it is. A […]

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Mazda CX-5 review 2012

Mazda CX-5 review

New Compact SUV With A Fight On Its Hands “Skyactiv” Really Means “Well Honed” Mazda Says Hybrids, Electric Cars Not Practical; Yet Well-Engineered Diesel, Petrol Engines The Way To Go *** out of 5 For – impressive all rounder Against – not enough to stand out from the crowd INVERNESS, Scotland – Mazda has entered the compact SUV […]

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Peugeot In Trouble, But Long-Term Prospects Stable

Change Of Government Makes Output Cuts Problematical French Parliamentary Elections May Show Where Policy Is Going Peugeot-Citroen shares have slid over the last three months from about €14 to about €8.5 as investors reckoned that long-discussed plans to cut unprofitable production wouldn’t survive the Presidential election. Not that there was any great belief that a […]

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European Shakeup Awaits Signal From Hollande

Peugeot Bean Counters May Have To Delay Action French Parliamentary Elections Will Decide Whether President Can Act Adam Smith’s Bond Vigilantes May Have The Ace In The Hole The European automotive industry looked to the French presidential election to produce a catalyst for action. If incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy had won, then the long-delayed plans to […]

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