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VW Amarok review 2011

VW Amarok review

Upmarket Pickup Truck Rugged And Expensive; Is There A Market For This In Europe? *** out of 5 For – rugged, go-anywhere load-lugger for farmers, plumbers Against – SUV does the same, and keeps your stuff dry, safe I’ve never driven a pick-up truck before. I’ve ridden in a few in the U.S. over the years, […]

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Lamborghini Aventador review 2011

Lamborghini Aventador review

Unusable Performance, Massive Price “great for crash survival, and for when the revolution comes” For – beautiful, mesmeric performance, technology’s cutting edge Against – immature image, lack of embarrass genes required  The new Lamborghini Aventador’s mere existence as an over-the-top sports car might be too much for some, who might see this car as a mindless squandering […]

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Ford Europe’s Odell Says E.U. Policy Could Undermine Industry

Korean Trade Deal One-Sided, Damaging. Delay Japanese Talks Overcapacity Remains Unreformed, Forcing Unsustainable Price War E.U. Transport White Paper “Unrealistic”, “One-sided” COLOGNE, Germany – Unnecessary and anti-car regulation from the European Union will stifle future vehicle use, discourage important research and development and increase unemployment in the industry, Ford of Europe Chairman and CEO Stephen […]

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E.U. Car Policy Plans Get Ahead Of Consumer, Technology

Ford Worries About Regulation Forcing Manufacturing Out E.U. Obsessed With Battery Cars Which Need Subsidies To Flourish European Union automotive industry policy ideas threaten to undermine manufacturing and its obsession with battery-only cars would force what looks like a cul-de-sac technology on the buying public. The problem of huge price and limited ability of battery-only […]

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JEEP Cherokee review 2011

JEEP Grand Cherokee review

Jeep Adds New Diesel To Grand Cherokee To Lure Europeans Interior, A Problem For Chrysler/Jeep In The Past, Passes Test rating **** out of 5 biggest hurdle; the company car fleet manager who will be reluctant to invest money in a brand which looks weak in the all-important residual prices stakes compared with the Germans For […]

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