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Archive | December, 2010

BMW 5 series review 2010

BMW 520d Touring review

Beautiful New Body Shape Will Turn Heads Practical, Well Priced Estate Provides Strong Anti-SUV Case Diesel Engine Has Amazing Power For Two-Litre rating **** out of 5 For – fabulous engine/gearbox, great drive, good value for money Against – ludicrous SatNav, overstated fuel efficiency “that’s a (mpg) shortfall of getting on for 25 per cent. Why do they […]

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Audi A7 review 2010

Audi A7 Sportback review

Yet Another Niche Identified, Filled That Must Be It For Niches, Surely? Beautiful, Sweeping “Coupe” Styling Makes The A7 Stand Out rating **** out of 5 For – handsome, high quality Against – no excess room in the back, dodgy name  “Coupes used to have two doors but manufacturers now use the coupe moniker to laud […]

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Successful GM Share Sale Boosts Image, But Work Remains

GM’s Biggest Problem Is In Europe As Opel/Vauxhall Struggle China, Brazil Volatile But Promising Markets “Next year’s contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers union will indicate how much Detroit has, or hasn’t changed.” General Motors, the world’s biggest car manufacturer until it plunged into bankruptcy, can wallow for a while in the feel-good factor […]

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