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Archive | September, 2010

China Electric Car Policy Seen As Western Technology Grab

Car manufacturers are increasingly worried that China’s plans for electric cars could force foreign companies to hand over expensively developed technology in exchange for market access, according to the Wall Street Journal. In an article from Beijing, the Wall Street Journal said China’s 10-year plan to become the world’s leader in developing and making battery-powered […]

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Could Chrysler Be The Making Of Fiat Auto?

Chrysler Product Programme Looks Stronger; It’s Generating Cash Too While some investors were contemplating the prospects for Fiat Industrial, others were trying to see what life would be like at the car making company, shorn of the protection provided by truck and tractor profits, and newly twinned with Chrysler. Some were saying that recently bankrupt […]

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U.S. Car Sales May Be About To Accelerate

Pent Up Demand Could Erupt As Consumer Expectations Improve But J.D.Power Nervous About Possible Setback The recovery in the U.S. light vehicle market has been stuttering and threatening to stall of late, but some experts believe that strong growth will soon return, although nobody is protecting a return to the glory days, yet. Morgan Stanley […]

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Battery Car Hype About To Stumble Over Reality

Unreliable Range, No Environmental, Cost Or Efficiency Advantage Battery-Only Is Being Driven By Politics, Not Economics Expect increase in road side assistance calls, scary rise in accidents, more pedestrian deaths and squashed pets  It’s nearly time to put up or shut up.  At the end of September, battery-powered electric vehicles will the toast of the […]

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Nissan Micra review 2010

Nissan Micra review

Cute Styling Dropped To Widen Appeal Nissan Claims To Have Made Diesel Obsolete With New Petrol Motor Parking Gizmo Demands Honesty About Your Driving Skills **** out of 5 For – well priced, high quality, impressive engine, well equipped Against – fails cute test, no diesel, no 3-door   COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Nissan’s Micra has a deserved reputation for reliability, […]

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Honda CR-Z review 2010

Honda CR-Z review

Sporty Little Hybrid Will Turn Heads Poor Rear Vision Victim Of Eye-Catching Body Design Could Do Without Environmental Missionary Mode rating *** out of 5 For – looks dramatic, performs well, high quality Against – pricey, not particularly fast or economical  This little hybrid head-turner demonstrates Honda’s trendy and green credentials, although after a few days of driving […]

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Peugeot-Citroen, Renault Repay One Third Of Loan Early

Peugeot-Citroen and Renault’s early repayment of €1 billion each of government loans totalling €6 billion reflects well on their stewardship during the depths of the recession and augurs well for their financial future, according to investment banks. Renault and Peugeot-Citroen both borrowed €3 billion early in 2009 from the French government to help tide them […]

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