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Europe Baulks At Shakeout Which Could Transform Prospects

Europe’s automotive manufacturers lack the will to rid themselves of unprofitable operations which threaten their future, and experts predict a future of muddling through rather than decisive action to restore health and profits. At a recent conference in Bilbao, Spain, Ford Europe Chairman and CEO John Fleming said overcapacity had reached 35 per cent and […]

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Nissan Leaf review 2010

Nissan Leaf review

Nearing Launch Date, Gets Plug From Glen Beck Even Fox News star Glen Beck seems to have jumped on the publicity bandwagon for Nissan’s electric car, the Leaf. Beck, in a sarcastic “apology” to President Obama for saving GM, referred to the $41,000 Chevrolet Volt as having a range of 40 miles. “It goes 40, […]

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Chevrolet Volt review 2010

Chevrolet Volt Vs Nissan Leaf

Volt Vs Leaf First New Technology Electric Cars Face Off Soon The future is here at last. Regular punters will soon be able to buy new technology electric vehicles which are more like proper cars and not souped-up golf carts. But the first cars on the market, the Nissan Leaf from Japan and General Motors’ Chevrolet Volt, […]

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VW Scirocco review 2010

VW Scirocco R review

Fast And Bland Looks Strange, Priced High, Amazing Performance *** out of 5 For – great drive, amazing performance Against – pricey, looks weird  The Volkswagen Scirocco R has a hugely powerful, two litre 4-cylinder engine said to propel it from rest to 62 mph in six seconds, and on to 155 mph. It looks a bit odd, […]

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BMW Surprises With Accelerating Profits, But Doubts Remain

Most Investors Though See Tough Profit Targets Being Achieved 2010 Sales Target Of 1.4 Million In Question BMW impressed investors with the strength of its second quarter performance, but unlike VW, there were some dissenting voices on the sidelines who cautioned that the company’s latest financial report contained some negative factors. The performance was so […]

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Skoda Fabia review 2010

Skoda Fabia vRS review

New, Go-Faster Version Of Cute Czechette Now You Can Choose An Estate-Car Model Too Just Who Buys New, Pricey Little Souped Up Runabouts? *** out of 5 For – good value, if you like that sort of thing Against – if you like that sort of thing, you should be locked up  Skoda has souped up […]

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