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Archive | March, 2010

Most Investors Agree VW Set Fair For The Future

That Doesn’t Mean They’re Right Bernstein Research Says VW Profitability Overrated Will Take Huge Hits In Germany, Britain; Modular No Panacea  Everybody seems to think Volkswagen is a model company which has a rosy future, including a relentless increase in sales and fatter profits. Most everybody; but not Max Warburton, analyst with Bernstein Research. Last […]

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Mercedes, Despite Flaky Record, Seeks Renault Liaison

Germans Need Help Making Small Cars Profitably Renault-Nissan Needs Hybrids, Better Factory Use Don’t Forget That Renault Thought GM Link Made Sense  After Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor had been married about three times each, you could probably have predicted that any further attempts at official liaisons were projects destined to fail. Investors are […]

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Fiat Doblo review 2010

Fiat Doblo review

Does The Job – No Ifs, No Buts, No Frills Higher, Wider, Longer And Cuter Than The Old One Cuteness, A Relative Term, Is Definitely In The Eye Of The Beholder rating **** out of 5 I instinctively admire the Fiat Doblo.  For all the reasons people buy cars, surely the most important is that it […]

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Nissan Leaf review

Only Governments Believe In Nissan Leaf

Battery-only Technology Flawed, Prices Sky High Make Sure You Order World Class Road Rescue If You Buy One If You Demand Green, Extended Range Electric Wins Hands Down Some Labour party backbench hack from the north east congratulated Prime Minister Gordon Brown for bribing Nissan with our money to build the Leaf battery-only car at […]

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Alfa Romeo MiTo Multiair review 2010

Alfa Romeo Mito With MultiAir review

Adds Oomph, Economy Pretty Little Hot Hatch Provides The Expected Italian Flair But Wait Until April 21, If You’re Thinking Of Buying rating *** out of 5 GLASGOW, Scotland There were all kinds of weird, wonderful, expensive and impractical attempts at ingratiating the green movement at the recent Geneva Car Show, but Fiat’s MultiAir technology stands out […]

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Kia Sorento review 2010

Kia Sorento review

Smart, High-Quality SUV Sorento Matches Anything European, Or German Even Unfortunately, So Does The Price But 7-Year 100,000 Guarantee Sets It Apart From Normal Motors *** out of 5 BARCELONA, Spain The new Kia Sorento is testimony to the fact that there is no such thing as a free lunch. After you’ve taken on board the impressive […]

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Russian Scrapping Incentives Should Kick-start The Market

Russian Scrapping Incentives Should Kick-start The Market The Russian car market looks likely to resume its growth in 2010, helped by the government’s €250 million cash for clunkers subsidy, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ Autofacts. According to Autofacts, the scheme, which started this month, will provide for 200,000 new cars. Participants receive a voucher worth €1,200 if […]

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Investors Relieved Peugeot Won’t Buy Mitsubishi Stake

Fiat Emerges As Next Candidate, Dies, Then Returns Again Companies Pledge To Build On Project Collaboration News that Peugeot-Citroen and Mitsubishi had abandoned plans for a merger was overwhelmed by other news generated at the Geneva Car Show. But nevertheless, if you listened closely enough, you could hear investors breathing a sigh of relief. Remember […]

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