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Vauxhall Insignia Estate review

Vauxhall Insignia Estate review Handsome And Versatile European Car Of The Year Award Will Help Credibility Financial Crisis Might Undermine It; Will Opel-Vauxhall Survive? *** out of 5 Tough Competition Includes Compact SUVs  “Insignia Exclusiv has shed the “e” at the end presumably to keep prices down” Even though Italian and French manufacturers have dominated  the […]

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Can Tiny Koenigsegg Save Saab?

Supercar Maker Has Green, High Tech Expertise. “the reinvention of Saab is not beyond all possibility”. One of the most puzzling aspects of the disposal of General Motors’ European assets was the apparent scramble to buy Saab of Sweden, a chronic loss-maker which only rarely looked like selling enough cars to break even. GM’s offer […]

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No Mergers, Takeovers For Peugeot

Growth In New Markets Likely To Be Undertaken With Partners. Idea That Family Control Might Be Diluted Takes A Beating. Peugeot isn’t about to merge with another big company like Fiat, Ford Europe or BMW, but will seek partners to maximise sales in new markets. Thierry Peugeot, chairman of the Peugeot supervisory board, had sparked […]

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Magna Hold On Opel Starts To Look Shaky

German Government Says Deal Could Be Reopened. Chinese Could Be Strong Bidders, Fiat Might Try Again. Just when you thought Opel/Vauxhall’s fate had been decided, cracks started to appear in the apparent consensus. The logic behind Magna of Canada’s bid for GM Europe’s Opel was always a bit difficult to follow. New GM Europe was […]

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Porsche Boxster review

  Gets High-Tech Automatic, Facelift More Powerful, More Frugal Engines The Ultimate Little Sports Car Pulls Way From Competition ***** out of 5 Grit Your Teeth When You Compare Base Price With “Extras”Porsche has freshened up its little Boxster roadsters for 2009, tweaking the bodywork and adding more power, and economy, to the petrol engines. It […]

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