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Mercedes C-class coupe

CO2 Ignored By Faster, Sexier Frankfurt New Cars

CO2 Ignored By Faster, Sexier Frankfurt New Cars. “Toyota gains brownie points with its new Prius hybrid, which has a dazzling new body” If you question automotive CEOs about the industry outside of car shows, you will get straight-faced, serious-grey suited and responsible talk about downsizing, CO2 reduction, and climate change policies. “Plug-in hybrids and […]

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Europe’s Car Makers Face No-Win Choices As CO2 Rules Tighten

CO2 Rules Tighten “Manufacturers may be in a lose/lose situation, with the pace of improvement giving politicians a mandate to push forward with even more stringent regulation” Europe’s auto manufacturers need to increase the electrification of their fleets to meet harsh new fuel efficiency rules by 2020. The trouble is, current battery technology simply isn’t […]

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Technology, Changing Attitudes, Could Devastate Auto Industry

“The world’s $20 trillion car fleet achieves only four per cent use, leaving 8.4 trillion hours a year not used. What a waste!!!.” The book business, not to mention newspapers, have been shellacked by new technology, and automobile manufacturers might be the next industry ripe for attack. When the global automotive industry gathers in Paris […]

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Tighter E.U. CO2 Rules Will Cost Industry €12 billion

Germany Wins “Supercredits” Increase, Delay. VW Faces Biggest Challenge. Environmentalists heaped derision on the E.U. agreement to tighten cars’ carbon dioxide emissions, but investors pointed out that despite the delay in reaching the 95 g/km target and the implementation of “supercredits”, the industry will have to spend a total of €12 billion to comply. The […]

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E.U. Truck Problem, Car CO2 Weakness Could Cost Daimler

Audi CO2 Performance Said To Beat Equivalent Mercedes “Truck Engine Changeover Like Changing All Cars At Once” Daimler reported huge profits for 2010, and investors were convinced that 2011 would be even better as pronouncements from the corporate leadership left the impression that everything in the garden was lovely. The only complaint was that Daimler’s […]

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