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Hyundai i20 review 2009

Hyundai i20 review

5-Year Guarantee The Winning Card But i20 Matches Competition In Most Areas, Wins On Price Fuel Consumption Doesn’t Match Claims, But Nobody Else’s Does ***** out of 5 Even Residuals Claimed To Beat The Best, Thanks To Warranty The competition like Ford is raising prices in the teeth of a recession and effectively committing suicide in […]

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Fiat Bravo review 2009

Fiat Bravo review

Beautiful, Practical New Small Petrol Engine The Shape Of Things To Come 1.4 litre Powerful, But Economy Falls Short **** out of 5 The Fiat Bravo is one of those rare cars that is so beautiful, people will buy it just for its looks. That is especially impressive in the small family car sector of the […]

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Peugeot’s New Management Faces Some Tough Decisions

Did Streiff Aggravate Peugeot Family, Or Government, Or Both? Overcapacity, Platform Sharing, Need For Faurecia Under Spotlight. “It wasn’t what he did, it was the way that he did it,” is one view seeking to explain former PSA Peugeot CEO Christian Streiff’s demise, although others take a different slant. According to Nomura International, investors shouldn’t […]

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BMW Numbers Sifted Again With Mixed Results

Residual Value Issue Worries Investors. “BMW could lose half its captive finance customers, putting at risk about 25 per cent of group volume” BMW investors must be feeling a bit bilious. When the company announced it lost money in 2008’s 4th quarter, shocked investors dumped the stock and ran for the exits. But after some sober […]

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Despite Green Shoots Claim, Europe Recovery Long Way Off

German Scrap Plan Brings Forward Sales. European Sales Still Not At The Bottom. Europe’s Manufacturers Will Emerge Stronger; But When. Investment bank Goldman Sachs raised a few eyebrows in Europe earlier this week talking about the green shoots of recovery in the automotive business, when just about everyone else is still wondering whether the recession […]

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