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Fiat’s Results Impress, But Doubts Remain On 2010, Chrysler

Marchionne To Unveil 5-Year Plan For Fiat On November 4 “U.S. patient is suffering from ugly cash-burn” Fiat’s latest results pleased investors, but they are divided on the likely long-term impact of the relationship with Chrysler. In the 3rd quarter, Fiat Auto reported a trading profit of €155 million, the same as in the 2nd quarter, and […]

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Peugeot Loses More In 3rd Quarter As Rivals Return To Profit

Investors Expect Action From Varin At November 12 Meeting Solid Profitability Not Expected Until Second Half Of 2010 “Eurocentricity”, Capacity Use, Faurecia Need Sorting Peugeot-Citroen disappointed investors with its third quarter performance, and the consensus remains that it will lose more than €1 billion in 2009. Peugeot sales in the 3rd quarter “only” declined by 7.7 […]

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Renault Battery Vision Looks Like An Expensive Blind-Alley

Why Pursue Batteries When Plug-In Hybrid Makes Them Obsolete? Firms Which Rescue Stranded Motorists Will Be Big Winners Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn’s startling claim that battery powered vehicles will win 10 per cent of global new car sales by 2020 still beggars belief. At the Frankfurt Car Show last month, Ghosn wasn’t talking about plug-in […]

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Volkswagen Polo review

Is It A Golf Or Is It A Polo? New VW Polo Moves Upmarket, Like Everybody Else Polo Looks Terrific, Drives Well, With Top Quality *** out of 5 Competition Strong: Jazz Best, Korean’s Massive Guarantees  VW’s new Polo is now on sale. This is the fifth iteration of the car in 34 years, and every time […]

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New Cafe Rules Might Hit German Profits; Force Mergers

Fines Will Be Too Big, So Expect Premium Makers’ Mix To Suffer BMW, Mercedes Might Be Forced To Into Predator Hands New, uncompromising U.S. CAFE rules aimed at cutting automobile fuel consumption might savage German premium manufacturers’ profits so badly they might eventually be forced to merge with mass car makers, according to Bernstein Research. […]

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Opel-Vuxhall Astra review

  Ailing Opel-Vauxhall’s New Astra Faces Tough Challenges Astra Looks Good, Drives Well, Better All Round Than Previous Model Expensive; And Doubts About Ownership Won’t Enhance Prospects **** out of 5 ELLESMERE PORT, England – Opel-Vauxhall couldn’t have chosen a more difficult time to launch the new Astra, its most important car. Car sales in Western Europe are […]

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Aggravation Surrounding Opel-Magna Deal Refuses To Die

After months of jawboning, the Opel-Magna deal was agreed in principle, but it didn’t take long for voices off to start shouting it down. Unions in Britain, Belgium and Spain moaned that they were losing proportionately more jobs than the Germans, hardly surprising given the previous German government’s huge financial contribution. But perhaps too late, […]

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