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Skoda Tour de france

Will Skoda Join Rabobank And Quit Tainted Tour de France?

Volkswagen’s Skoda subsidiary has refused to acknowledge that its sponsorship of the Tour de France was jeopardised by recent drug taking revelations, but now that Rabobank of Holland has dropped out, perhaps the Czech company will reconsider. Earlier today, Dutch bank Rabobank withdrew from supporting cycling. Rabobank spent €15 million a year on the sport. […]

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Dodgy Fuel Data Spat Indicts Journalists And Car Makers

“what do car review readers think when they buy a car and then find its fuel efficiency claim doesn’t come close to real world performance” Congratulations to What Car and the Sunday Times InGear supplement for daring to expose, again, how manufacturers and journalists mislead the car-buying public with erroneous information about fuel consumption. Journalists […]

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Optimism, Or Was It Schadenfreude, At Detroit 2012

  Sales Expected To Acclerate In The U.S. While Europe Weakens Marchionne’s “Consolidation” Remark Reverberates There was a buzz of optimism reverberating around the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, but it could have been schadenfruede, as the American market prepared for a banner sales year while Europe languishes. U.S. industry leaders worried that European sales might […]

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Renault-Nissan Electric Cars Eschew Petrol, Thanks To Coal Fired Power

Renault-Nissan Electric Cars Eschew Petrol, Thanks To Coal Fired Power The Renault-Nissan Alliance is cranking up its campaign of disinformation about the cleanliness of its electric vehicles. Today in the Wall Street Journal Europe, Renault-Nissan has a full page advert proclaiming that the future of the electric car is now. “The Renault-Nissan Alliance is launching […]

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