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China Luxury Car Growth Looks Set To Continue, Speedup Even

Short-Term Tax Worries Frighten Investors, Momentarily Rich Chinese More Likely Than Westerners To Splurge On Cars Darker Scenarios Include Runaway Inflation, Political Unrest  China has provided a massive boost in profits for the German luxury car manufacturers, with most forecasts firmly predicting that the good times will continue to roll and maybe even accelerate far […]

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Successful GM Share Sale Boosts Image, But Work Remains

GM’s Biggest Problem Is In Europe As Opel/Vauxhall Struggle China, Brazil Volatile But Promising Markets “Next year’s contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers union will indicate how much Detroit has, or hasn’t changed.” General Motors, the world’s biggest car manufacturer until it plunged into bankruptcy, can wallow for a while in the feel-good factor […]

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Europe Entering Sales Double-Dip As Subsidy Impact Expires

2011 Will Be Little Bit Better, But Not Much Forced Efficiencies Mean Manufacturers Better Prepared For Downturn The dreaded double-dip recession is about to engulf the West European car market, as the impact of cash-for-clunkers government subsidies runs out and consumer confidence wilts. Latest data shows that sales dived more than 18 per cent in […]

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BMW’s Finances Benefit From Longer, Cooler Look

Audi Was Profit War Winner After Initial News, But Doubts Creep In Investors Wonder If CO2 Rules May Destroy Profitable Product Mix BMW’s financial performance looked even better after the dust settled a bit. When BMW announced its third quarter results, the initial reaction from investors was that the numbers, although strong, were comparatively disappointing, […]

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