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China Reminds Foreign Auto Makers Who’s The Boss

Investor Reaction Ranges From Sanguine To Worried. “I would be surprised if it happened all at once, but it seems inevitable that there will be a takeover of foreign automakers interest in China” – Keith Crane China has started flexing its muscles to remind mainly-but- not-exclusively German luxury manufacturers selling huge numbers of highly profitable […]

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XC-90 Faces Harsh Competition From Germans, Range Rover

Biggest Market Will China; Will U.S. Share Be Retrieved? Volvo launched its second-generation top-of-the-range XC-90 SUV, and experts say its success is crucial for the future of the company, but aren’t sure if it can withstand keen competition from Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The previous and unmistakeable XC-90 hadn’t been upgraded since 2002, by which […]

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

SEE COMMENTS From Mike Wattam at the bottom..  Jekyll and Hyde SUV. Mind-Blowing Fuel Economy One Day, Useless The Next. On The Highway, You’ll Be Thinking About Suing For False Pretences. In Town, You’ll Forget Where The Petrol Stations Are. 148 mpg? Preposterous, And An Understatement. For – impressive overall fuel consumption, no range anxiety. […]

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VW Polo

Face-Lift Adds High-Tech Options. Small Car Adds Premium Features. For – classy, capable, good looking little. Against – pricey **** out of 5 Volkswagen has revised its successful Polo small car by adding a range of cleaner engines, some trendy new options including a touch-screen infotainment system, high-tech safety systems, a new electro-mechanical steering, and tided […]

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BMW Profit Growth May Be Exhausted

China Price Probe Clouds Future Of All Germans. BMW’s latest financial results excited most investors, again, but there are some who wonder if, just maybe, the leading German luxury car maker’s growing profitability might be peaking out. And news that the Chinese government is investigating foreign automakers’ alleged monopolistic pricing won’t help BMW or for […]

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