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China Halves Sales Tax on Small Cars

China Halves Sales Tax on Small Cars. Will Stimulate Auto Sector, But Won’t Help Foreigners Much. While the auto world focussed on Volkswagen and the diesel scam fallout, China cut the 10 per cent purchase tax in half on cars of 1.6 litres or under. The Financial Times’ Lex column talked about China’s contradictory policy […]

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VW, Audi Face Big Backlash In U.S.

VW, Audi Face Big Backlash In U.S. “This is a serious violation of the law. Volkswagen was ripping off the consumer and hurting the environment at the same time” Volkswagen and Audi faced a huge crisis on September 21, and an expensive backlash to its business in the U.S. after the EPA charged it with […]

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Volkswagen Scandal Likely To Have Broad Ramifications

Volkswagen Scandal Likely To Have Broad Ramifications. “the transportation sector could be affected if this emission test crisis affects consumers and regulator’s attitudes towards cars and pollution” Auto manufacturers should avoid taking too much pleasure from Volkswagen’s embarrassed writhing after it admitted scamming U.S. diesel rules because the fall-out from the crisis will be felt […]

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Volvo XC90

Volvo XC90 Review 2015

Volvo XC90 Review 2015. For – understated, high quality interior, serene ride. Against – slow-speed stutter/noise. **** £62,220 The Volvo XC90 is a handsome, high-quality SUV, and this version has an amazing little diesel engine which delivers terrific performance. Twinning a 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder diesel to a huge beast like this sounds like a recipe […]

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BMW Seems To Have Avoided VW Diesel Taint

BMW Seems To Have Avoided VW Diesel Taint. “It’s possible VW may not prove to have been the only one to have breached test rules globally, it seems BMW has not” As auto makers sought to distance themselves from Volkswagen’s self-confessed diesel emissions cheating, BMW emerged as untainted, at least in the judgement of some […]

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VW Uproar, Underlined By Stock Market Panic, Will Subside

VW Uproar, Underlined By Stock Market Panic, Will Subside. “When the Titanic went down, people still travelled across the Atlantic. Share prices will recover when investors realise how stupid this was” The reaction to Volkswagen’s problems with diesels has been hysterical and exaggerated, while regulations curbing automotive carbon dioxide emissions to save the planet from […]

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Renault Kadjar

Renault Kadjar Review 2015

Renault Kadjar Review 2015. For – eye-catching, well-proven mechanicals, drives well. Against – expensive. **** £27,470 DONCASTER, England – Renault’s new compact SUV is called the Kadjar. There is a reason for that name, but I’m afraid my brain glazed over while it was being explained to me. If it sells well, and it is […]

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