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  • Tesla Model S

    Tesla Model S – Electric Super-Car. Fabulous Performance, High Quality. Range Claims Sound Adequate, But ...

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S – Electric Super-Car. Fabulous Performance, High Quality. Range Claims Sound Adequate, But Time Will Tell. Residual Value Guarantee Will Turn A Few Heads. For – the shape of things to come. Against – maybe a shade ahead of its time. ***** out of 5  £68,700 After what feels like years of banging my […]

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Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat – New Saloons, Estate Cars. High Quality Build, Interior; Excellent Performance, Blinged-Up Styling. Must Impinge On Hallowed Audi Ground. The More VW Praises Passat, The More You Think Audi. For – all a family car could be. Against – unbelievable competition from same sector, and SUVs. **** out of 5 £23,340 OLBIA, Sardinia […]

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Peugeot Could Be In The Black This Year

Fitch Sees Small Profits Coming Soon. But Market Weakness Might Jeopardise Progress. Peugeot, desperately trying to turnaround its rocky finances, continues to attract more admirers than detractors. The Fitch Ratings agency believes Peugeot is on track to breakeven in 2014 and gradually improve to small profits in 2015 and 2016, although it cautions that the […]

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Renault Captur

Renault Captur – Attractive Small SUV. Tremendous Fuel Economy, Cute Package. Ominous Orange Warning Light Reveals Worrying Scenario. For – cute, useful, fuel-efficient. Against – pricey, instruments might induce nervous breakdown. **** out of 5 – £18,335 The Captur is doing the business for Renault because it provides exactly what the modern motorist wants; a smaller […]

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Lexus NX300h

Lexus NX300h – Smart Looking Compact SUV. High Quality, Comfortable, Luxury Cruiser. Looks Standout Against Bland Audi, BMW Opposition. For – high quality build, terrific interior, notable looks. Against – performance, unsophisticated engine/transmission noises. **** out of 5 from £29,495 VIENNA, Austria – The new Lexus NX range is the lead dog in a new […]

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Mazda MX-5 Stars At The Paris Car Show

Plug-In Hybrids, Small SUVs To The Fore. Battery-only Electric Must Have Been There Somewhere. “The XE styling is a bit divisive, with some saying it is bland and ordinary, and others that it is admirably and responsibly restrained” Every car show has to have a star, so my nomination for Paris 2014 is the Mazda […]

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Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo – A City Car With A Difference. Engineered with Mercedes, Rear-Wheel Drive, Rear Engine. For – cute, practical. Against – not cheap, but haggling might make it so. **** out of 5. £12,935 The new Renault Twingo is a cute and practical little car. That’s standard in this segment which includes the Fiat 500, VW […]

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